Friday, March 20, 2009

Rattlesnake Mound

It's like Where's Waldo, just with Katie...can you find her?

Katie and I took a day off yesterday and went up to Rattlesnake Mound. It's a fairly new area and is pretty cool. A tornado came through a couple years ago and took out most of the trees in the area. Everything felt wide open but it got really windy at times. Made for a cool atmosphere though.

We warmed up on the House Boulder and got warm pretty quick. In the sun it was perfect out and we were down to t-shirts and sweating. After packing up our stuff we went over to Chaos. It is on my list for the year and I wanted to give it a good flash go since it was very much my style. I promptly blew the flash by missing the first hold and went to work on it for real. I was able to get all the moves worked out pretty quickly but my skin was suffering badly from a solid month of not climbing more than once a week.

Chaos is about 6 moves long and is full on power crimping. For me the crux is going to be bumping from the first tiny crimp to the second, bigger, crimp. I couldn't quite put it together yesterday but we may be going back tomorrow for more. It should go down then. The moves are all really fun and it was a good effort by John to put it up last year. Well done sir!!!

After getting completely cold at Chaos we went over to the sunny side of the bluff again to explore a little. We found a nice little boulder with about 5-6 really fun warm ups. There is potential for some more but it's a nice little boulder and has cool exposure to it. The setting is unique and was a great way to cool down after a great day.

I approve!!!


  1. Socky... Don't ask about shoes when he's busy giving me praise on my F.A.'s. You are so selfish sir.

  2. Hmm..this peaks my interest in heading out there this Thursday possibly.

    Tried my kicks out at Rocktown and they were pretty dope.

  3. Socky - I like the kicks. They've got their own niche and there are definitely thing I dislike about them, but they have enough redeeming qualities that I'll be happy with them. That said, they haven't replaced the Testarossas and the top of the pedestal...

    Sweaty - I praise you more and more.

    Narcy - Sadly I can't go on thursday. Hafta work. So sad. Even more sad is that I punted. Majorly. More to come on that soon though...

  4. The condition of my knee injury will be a deciding factor in what I do, not to mention my mangled finger tendon. Maybe I should just stay home!

  5. Christ dude. It's like you need a perma-IV of morphine to wheel around with you. How bad is the knee?