Monday, January 30, 2012


Nic came down for the weekend to hang out and compete at Quick on the Draw. I met him up at DL to go look around and search for some new boulders.

While I was waiting I went to the zoo to kill time.

After meeting up with Nic at the North Shore we started out on the railroad tracks that skirt the East Bluff. We had grand plans to explore a bit more of the bluff but ended up accidentally finding Tipping Point. From there we hopped up to the top of the bluff and walked around for a bit.

The hiking was actually substantially easier than we thought it'd be but it was still rough. Talus is bad enough. Snow covered talus is simply frightening. I made Nic go first so it was safer for me!

We found a handful of cool things including the base of some old cemented together shelter. Most of all though it reignited our interest in solidifying the potential on the East Bluff. For the few moments were were hiking along the top of the bluff we saw a staggering amount of rock.

This short jaunt gave us a very brief glimpse into what the lake may give us this next season. I really do hope that people will focus on that rather than just doing the same established problems for the umpteenth time. Even with how good last year was, I still didn't see the sheer amount of exploration that we saw in the breakout season of 2009. Hope that happens this year.

Here's a few pics.

Then we climbed on the Moon Wall, got Nic slightly drunk at Coopers, and he lost at the comp. Not only did he lose at winning but he couldn't even be the best loser. He got third place. Not even first loser.


It was fun seeing him though and in the words of Katie "He didn't even piss me off. Not once!". I enjoy climbing and hanging out with Nic and wish that he lived down here. Come on Molly. Do it!

Maybe it'll work if we steal his dog!!

That's all I got.


  1. I paid my dues in 2011. It's exploration, boulder moving, and FA time in 2012. Get ready. -PB

  2. So what happened in 2009 that was so much more special than 2011. I am curious. Is there a secret stash or something? Anonymous

    1. 2009 was the year that everyone seemed to be motivated to find new boulders/areas and it seemed like every week new problems and areas were being posted.

      I feel like the first half of 2011 was similar to that but it kinda died off once the summer hit. With the amount of rock we have at our disposal I'd love to see that again.

  3. doosh! Doosh Ultra!

  4. Gnar, you are so big now that you get real anonymous posters, posting anonymously. Not just some asshole that always signs CE after his post (whatever that means) or us trying to fuck with each other. I'm so excited for you gnar, that's super. You've really hit it big.

    Also, I'm surprised Nic didn't wind up in the hospital.

    Also, routes are silly, but QontheD was always a great comp.

    Also, that leaning boulder with snow on it looks cool. any holds?

    1. I know dood! We've hit the big time! Also, time for a new motto. Do work!

      1 - I was stunned he didn't end up in the hospital. And that was with him carrying a foot and a half long screwdriver in his hand.

      2 - I've never actually heard a bad word about QontheD. Everyone seems to love it.

      3 - Leaning boulder was just ok. Will check it out again once the snow is gone but it seemed rather short. I think it had holds though. We found a handful of things that are worth checking out again.

      Also, I got to see Eggballs this weekend! Did you??? Suck it.

    2. I'm sorry to hear that you saw Eggballs.

      They just put so much love into that comp, it's hard not to appreciate it all.

      Big screwdriver, was Nic trying to set a boulder problem?

      On the nostalgia toy theme I'm thinking 'I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world.'

  5. Congrats on not getting hurt Nic!

    I'm pretty psyched on 2012! Lots of strong climbers and motivated people around. It will be very exciting to see what happens! Heading out to check some new stuff on Thursday, may or may not need the skis. Good times!

  6. I was using it as a probe to find gaps in talus..

    I do not chip.. I drill pockets.

    I am coming back in the sping to orginize the first ever "search party" where we drink alot and walk from the North shore to the south shore on the east bluff looking for boulders.



  7. sounds like a hoot. I'll bring the drill!

  8. Whoa 10 comments and I am not one of them! Damn WTF have I been doing all day?

    Yeah was cool to hang out Steve. As always I was in complete awe of how utterly amazingly strong your wife is.

    Wish I could have gone out to DL on Friday. Alas...

    Yup, 2012 is brimming with anticipation, and loads of people seem psyched to go out and get stuff done. I hope this spring lasts as long as 2009's spring (like, all summer).


  9. I am pretty sure you are only supposed to say mean things on the internets. Like about how much RV sucks. And how ugly my dog is. And how Nic is a dirty bastard. So take it back or it will be war.

    come in soon!!!!

  10. eww. who let a girl on here. They'll let anyone on the interwebs these days. No standards at all!

  11. Boulders tomorrow afternoon? I should be able to be there by 3 or 3:30. I'm projecting the sick pink tape V3. ce

  12. I can climb until about 5..... when I get to go learn how to hit and kick more effectively with vera. If you do that sick pink v3 I will order your shoes today!

  13. Sweeeettttttt, maybe with new shoes I can climb V3+!!! ce