Friday, January 20, 2012

OR dos

Didn't see a whole lot of cool things today but got another mug so that's cool.

After the show we went to the brick fire pizza place nearby. Brought back memories of shows past when josh n I went there for lunch one day. My favorite part of this show has been seeing friends from past work lives around every corner.

In the end things tend to come full circle and with all the changes in my life over the past few months my friends have been nothing but happy for me. It's been one of my favorite shows as a result.

Only people I seem to have missed are josh and Nic. Next time guys.

After dinner tonight we met up with a Columbia rep named jonny o. He's been in the business for years and is retiring after this season. Where'd they take him?? To a place with a kings chair and a pope's head on a lazy Susan. Fantastic. Hope all is good and snowy in the middle west.

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