Thursday, January 19, 2012


First day done and I think the coolest thing I've seen is the NAO headlamp from petzl. I can say that type of stuff since I don't work for em anymore.

It auto adjusts depending on the light output you need and has a range of 7 to 355 lumens. To get that for a sub 200 price is crazy.

Otherwise it's been pretty quiet for me. I played in the hockey tournament today and we beat arcteryx in the first game. Kaboom. Lost the second though but both went to shoot outs. I'm fucking worked.

Wanna know how intense the floor hockey was?? Dude from Canada goose got checked by dude from primaloft and broke his collarbone. Yeah.

Floor hockey.

Floor hockey at a trade show.

Floor hockey at a trade show for CHARITY.

People are insane.

Em, you and jake should go to Squatters. Good beers and good foods.

Also, I got new shoes today. They're shiny. I also got two beer glasses. One of em is steel!

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