Wednesday, January 18, 2012


First time at OR with Columbia and definitely a different experience this time around. Change can be a good thing though and that holds true today.

How's everyone doing out there? The snow has seemed to have kicked back up recently and it seems like we may actually get a bit of winter now. After such a mild season so far I'm curious how long that'll actually last.

Thats all I got from salt lake. I'll let you all know If I see anything cool out here. I kinda wonder how the sportiva apparel is gonna go over.

The pretzel, btw, was amazing.


  1. that is a large pretzel sir... that's what she said. ba da bom.

    Wish I was gonna see ya at OR. my NE counterpart is going and I'm going to do Expo West. Was kind of bummed when I got that news.

    Good luck out there yo.

  2. Actually, that's kinda smallish as far as pretzels go. I am more interested in what that bottle of booze on the table is?

  3. OooOooh where'd you get the pretzel?? Jake and I are headed to SLC on Saturday - we're going to stop by the show for a bit before we blast off to Ouray, but we also need good advice on where to eat while we're in town for the night - this pretzel place looks pretty good!

    1. Oh Sweaty, that woulda been fun to hang out!!! Next time dude!

      And yeah, em, you should go to squatters. If I don't see you at the show I may see you there saturday night. Planning on going there with a couple buddies.

  4. Didn't make it out to Squatters (ended up going to an opera instead...wearing jeans and Gore-tex...who would have guessed!) Thanks for the beta, Steve!!