Monday, January 16, 2012

The Mug Game

Katie and I play a little game with each other during Birthdays and Christmas. Instead of going to town and getting each other a ton of presents that we'd just buy anyways, we always get each other a new mug. Like I said, not a big thing, but something I look forward to.

Just as with the game of scrabble, I rarely win.

It all started with a couple of Penguin mugs.

I won this round. My one and only victory with the mug on the right.

Then we had Polka Dot V. Cake.

Katie won with her cake mug obviously.

Next up to battle was the landslide decision of Big Cheese V. Oh Snap.

Katie's gift mug of Oh Snap was, at the time, the most lopsided victory ever recorded in the history of mug battles. Oh Snap still stands as perfection in the mug world and is the standard by which all other mugs are graded. That mug was the greatest mug, of all the mugs.

Then came a bit of a closer decision of Bodum Green and Red Grippy V. Penguin Thumbcatch.

While at first glance Katie seems to have won by a pretty decent amount with Penguin Thumbcatch. Of note though is that I brought two mugs to the table with both a Green Grippy AND a Red Grippy(not pictured). In the end though, Penguin Thumbcatch won as it has a Penguin shaped thumbcatch and you can't argue with that.

Then in the most recent battle I got fed up. I was determined to win. I got Katie this mug. Green Flowery Marshmallow Tin Hot Cocoa.

Not only was the mug kinda cool with flowers and bird looking things on it, it came with a tin of marshmallows and a bag of hot cocoa. I thought it was a shoo in. She couldn't win. Mine came with trinkets!!! TRINKETS!!!!!!!

I lost.

Not only were these a limited run. They were all handmade from Josh's brother Mike and are all completely unique. They're signed on the bottom and have Josh's 'Friends' graphic along the side. The handle is huge and the mug can hold almost two full cups of coffee.

Not only was my best effort put to shame during Green Flowery Marshmallow Tin Hot Cocoa V. Organic Friends Handmade By Josh's Brother Mike, I don't think I can ever beat it. It even put 'Oh Snap' to shame.

As much as it pains me to say, Katie is the Mug Giving Champion Of The World. Well played.


  1. I think my penguin mug could give Katie a run for her money. We all know how awesome it is!

  2. I think my penguin mug could give Katie a run for her money. We all know how awesome it is!

  3. I see you think your mug is an extremely strong entry into the mug battles. So much so that you wrote the comment not once, but twice. Impressive.

    If you would give me the mug I'd be happy to enter it into the next round of battles. When can we arrange a pickup?

  4. Don't do it! You know how much he wants to steal that mug...this just gives him the opening!

  5. This is the best blog post ever!!!!

  6. That's what I thought too Kelly! The mug game is an incredible thing...

  7. i love the peguin one...where to buy it?..