Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Skin Can Suck It

So apparently doing nothing but sitting around in meetings followed by a daily dose of heavy drinking didn't do all that much to help my climbing...or my skin. Weird.

Katie and I went to das gym last night and I got a good half hour or so in before the clay made me cry uncle. Ugh. These days always remind me why so many traveling climbers have a tough time at Boulders. Sadly it's looking like nothing but the gym for a week or so. We're moving in a couple of days and we're very excited to have that behind us.

If anyone feels like helping I think we'll be moving on Tuesday morning. Copious amounts of liquor will be available after the move and I'd be willing to procure some foods for all involved.

Other than that things are quiet on our front. It's been oppressively hot and humid around here and I was nice and lazy on Sunday. After trying to go for a run, and subsequently almost passing out, I decided it was best to sit around and do nothing but watch Ice Softball (Hockey) all day. Classic.

Katie had a great time in Hueco and conditions were apparently not too bad. She got close on a number of things and we're already planning a trip. Can't wait to go back.


  1. dude I hear you on the skin. Anytime I go out west. Climbing or not my skin just peels off after being in that drier climate. (I think you went west didn't you?) Anyways, good luck with the move!

  2. That is a fantastic photo. A thousand words indeed. ce