Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back In The Game

Sitting in Denver right now waiting for my flight back to Milwaukee. After a week or so of decent weather we got a bit of snow last night and it was a fitting end to the week.

The three of us left walked down the road to get some food and beers. A nice way to relax after far too much time was spent talking about gear.

Katie is in Hueco right now sweating her ass off I'm sure. It'll be curious to hear how her day went down there.

I think I'm gonna head up to the talus fields tomorrow and search for some new boulders. I might bring a couple pads and try Half Dome for a bit. It's been almost a year since I've tried it and I'm curious what it'll feel like.

Anyone get out this past week?? Punty McPunterson has left the country for Scotland for a week and The Gentleman and Gunther Von Ponch have gone down south for a few days. Why they decided to go there I'm not sure, but at least they're getting out, right?

Stay rad peeps.


  1. I am in Detroit airport currently and I am bored. I am also pretty sure security wont be too happy if I try to builder in the lounge.

    Quick, someone entertain me!

    Dance monkeys dance!

    Yours truly,
    Punty McPunterson

  2. The heat is here, holy shit is it humid out. My fingers are so baby soft from all the salt water in Mexico, flappers hear we come.

    Vinny and I will be out sweating tomorrow if anyone wants to join. We may end up sporting it or plugging gear, we will see. Anyone who's still in town in?

    Cheers and it's good to be back in the game.


  3. The bugs were fully obnoxious at the lake on Saturday. NEGATIVE

  4. Fishin up nort', Yah hey der. ce

  5. Why did we go down south? Cause it was AWESOME!

    Sarah :)