Monday, May 17, 2010

Tahoe Bound

We had a good day up at the lake on saturday. Pretty relaxed and casual but fun. Sofie sent Recreational Vehicle and was BEYOND psyched about it. Lady has been getting strong lately and I expect her to start beating RV with regularity soon.

I put up a new 3 or 4 that goes up from the middle of Recreational Vehicle to the lip. A big fun move leads to easy moves on the lip. If you're up there you should do it. It's worthwhile and kinda fun. I'm calling it the Raisin. Should have pics once RV steps up and send me them.

After that we went up to the Dumpster boulder and played a bit up there. I took a lap on Dumpster Diving and was reminded how cool that little boulder is.

I'm flying out this afternoon for the Mountain Hardwear spring sales meeting. It's in Tahoe and we're going whitewater rafting tomorrow. Pretty excited for it actually. Booze and product is the theme at these things and it should be a good time.

I'm leaving my shoes at home this trip. I thought about taking them in case there were any boulders near our hotel but I'd rather take it easy for a week and recover a bit. We've been going pretty consistently lately and this should be a good refresher.

Remo left yesterday for Mexico and Katie is leaving at the end of the week for Hueco. It's gonna be about 90 every day there. F'in hot!! Christ!

I hope everyone gets out in my absence and send some shit! Temps don't look horribly actually this week so get out there!!


  1. travel safely dude! next week wont you be in chicago for Jet Boil's deal? i know my guys from the rockies are coming in for that.

  2. Anyone want to hit DL on Wednesday evening after work or GD Friday afternoon let me know. I'll be there anyway (Baraboo Wednesday for work and Dodgeville Friday) and would be cool to beta spray, yell "yeah bro brah", and half-assed spot or get half-assed spotted. Have fun Steve. Be summer when you get back. Alas, April-ish had to come to an end sometime. Sweaty come up Wednesday night and do the Prow! ce

  3. i would but we have wedding appointment stuff wed. night.

  4. Ooooof and so it begins. Just remember the words, "Yes I like that design honey". Cuz it really doesn't matter if you like it or not. Happy for you buddy. ce

  5. Hey sweaty, i will not be in Chicago for Jetboil. We actually parted ways with them back in January. Still like them as a company and hope they do well.

    Are they doing a sales meeting there this year?

  6. O word. yeah apparently they are doing it in the Chi.