Monday, May 10, 2010


Quick recap of recent events of radness.

Last Thursday:

Our very own Mr. Egghead did Massive Vertigo in good style. See the video here. Rubber bottle opener thingy duct taped to his thigh was key to his success. Way to get all resourceful n stuff! Awesome!

That same day RV, Skinny and I met Katie and Anne up at Monolith.

1 - Katie climbed on a rope. Holy crap.
2 - RV got close on Perfect Medium.
3 - We saw Skinners upper ass crack. Not cool
4 - We all got very close on Axiom of Contemporary Movement. That's what I'm calling it from now on.
5 - Skinner went commando.
6 - Katie saw Skinners balls through the hole in his pants. Even more not cool dude.

On Saturday we tried going to the lake but it rained. Instead we got all sorts of radical in the gym. I almost did the green one with the quickness. Yeah. I'm radical. Katie circuited everything in the gym like 12 times and RV set a new modern day classic. We rock.


Despite our best efforts Remo ended up talking RV and I into coming to Dodge to try SV. We rolled up coffees in hand and created a ruckus. Three laps on the tried and true warmup sat us at the base of SV.

Like always RV's best go was his first and it was all downhill after that. He made it up to the high right hand but didn't know where to grab it. He had a couple of other good goes but it didn't go for him.

As for me I felt super on it until the move to the break. Remo and I agreed that something was up with that hold cause it felt like utter shit. On my second go I made it up there and as I was moving my foot to the chip I popped off of it. I cannot even describe how nice it felt to not jump off at that point.

Mini victory for the gnarmeister.

I could say more about it but I won't. It was encouraging to say the least. RV and I figure that the hold was just a bit damp from the previous nights rain. It felt real bad. Worst it's ever felt to me at least.

That is all for now. What did everyone else get on? I want updates!!!!!!!!

Also, Mr. Narc has apparently fully turned into a spurt climber. My condolences, sir. Honestly though, just glad you're climbing again.


  1. Yeah, it was nice knowing everyone. Maybe I'll see some of you while I'm falling off jugs down at the Red some time otherwise enjoy your pebble wrestling. It was fun while it lasted...

  2. hahaha. sport climbers are silly

  3. Nice post Steve. Also you too Narc, nice to read about you out climbing again. Yeah, I tried Sweaty's beta and one other way on MV without a knee bar but no go, very hard. Super fun problem no matter how you do it. I wish there were more like that.

    "Axiom of Contemporary Movement" I love it!!! Difficulty? Somewhere in between Pillar and Axiom! LOL.

    You guys go to "It's Oral Over" as well? Looked like a big crew over there. Super fun problem and nice to see it getting some attention. Well deserved! The face to the left of it looks hard... ce

  4. We definitely didn't head over to Oral Over. Our fingers were cashed already and then remo let us know how sharp it is. No way. I was about one go away from splitting my middle finger and didn't really want to risk it.

    Axiom of Contemporary Movement will be roughly V4/7/12/2. All together that equals roughly V6.25 for this new modern day testpiece.

    Or in Gnar terms, it's V4 just like everything else out there.

  5. Haha. At Prairie Walls when I lived in Roch, nobody ever put a number on anything they set. You sort of knew which were the warmups and which were the projects. Everything therefore gravitated to V4. The three-tiered PW rating system was V4- (warmup), V4, or V4+ (project). So yeah, V4 is about right. Gnar V4.

    Yeah It's Oral Over is really sharp. I sort of forgot about that. Plus that damn tree...

    Also this weekend I guess a young Paul D sent Starfish. I STILL need to get to the reserve. Holy Hell I've lived here going on 3 years. (Not that I haven't looked for the imaginary reserve...) ce

  6. I think I remember you loosing your cell phone while loosing yourself while trying to find the reserve... fucking cenile old man. lol.

  7. It's "senile" foo. :) ce

  8. Mr Egg,

    I have a lot of hate right now. I still haven't sent Starfish, and I have been to the reserve twice now feeling all kinds of cocky just to have Starfish smack me in the face.

  9. my claims are that you are old. Not that I can spell or talk properly.

  10. @ mr. robinson, Is it possible that you have turned over a new leaf as a 'former' punter, now having sent M.V.? Perhaps your new non (less) punting ways are the key to success?

  11. Mr. Robinson, please notify me by snail mail or smoke signal the next time you head out to try this "Starfish" at this "Reserve". As you no doubt know, I am unable to figure out my own beta for anything and require step by step information to be able to climb anything. Even stairs. ce

  12. especially stairs. i mean honestly eggballs. I've been to his house and his wife actually 'ticked' the stairs for him.

  13. And I still punt with regularity!

  14. @sweatpants:

    I haven't turned over any new leaf. Born a punter, will die a punter. Massive Vertigo was ticked solely because I cheated with socks (dirty, stinky socks too).


    I have only been to the reserve two times. I would not trust me to find it again. However, if conditions are ok, I do plan to be at the Lake on Wednesday morning. If you dont have to do boring things like go to work, take care of the baby etc. I would be more than willing to go up to Jenga with you. I promise to bring pad goodness and my ass spotting skillz.

  15. @DB Hmmmmm- wish I could go punt at Jenga for the third time. Not gonna happen though. I will however plan to take 5 minutes out of my work day and visualize what it would feel like to punt the crux move for the 1000th time though. They say visualization is the next best thing to doing and really prepares you for the actual punt. Next week though I plan to be back in proper elderly punting form. ce

  16. Don't worry sweaty, Mr. Robinson is still a punter. Some things you can't fix. This is one of them.