Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mug Game Update

So we need you to help us decide who won the mug game today.

First, Katie's contribution.

Here's the whole group:

Oh, and she got me a giant mug:

Overall a winning combination of beer glasses, whiskey snifters and coffee mugs. Normally I'd have been terrified, knowing deep down that I'd once again gotten crushed by Katie's superior coffee mug finding skills.

Today was not a normal day...my mugs were not normal mugs.

First we'll start with the Elephant Mug:

As you can see, a nice orange background frames a bunny, a cow and a hippo all dressed up in elephant costumes. A great mug on a normal day but not an absolute winner. Just a solid, colorful entry.

Now....my second mug, and dare I say my best work, was this:

What's that Steve??? A black mug?!?!? That's so boring!!!!!

Ahh yes, but look what happens when you put hot water in it:

You get two bunnies having sex.

Dare I say, my best work ever. But we need your help!! Vote on the poll so we know who won this round!

That's all.


  1. its not even close. bunch of animals trick or treating in the same costume or animals banging it out... animals banging it out wins every time.

  2. This one is tough. I feel like I may get fired if I don't say Katie wins. Now she just figured out that I am writing a comment telling the world she is making me vote for her, so this is even a harder vote. Ok. I really like the sweet cheeks one and you can get A LOT of coffee in the giant mug. Have you tried putting coffee into it? Maybe a picture of a dog's "lipstick" appears. And frankly, that would be just too much and would definitely be a wiener. I mean winner.

  3. In other news, Jill needs a new person to drag to yoga because I am not going with her again unless she changes her vote! I am pretty sure she just makes me go so she has someone to laugh at.

  4. And where did you get the awesome bunny mug???? ce

  5. I guess I'll let the cat out of the bag. Zazzle.com. incredible site, really.

  6. Black mug dominates!

  7. bunnies having sex mug fo sho!

    -Chris C.

  8. After seeing the mugs in person, I would say Katie kinda got hosed a little. The true scale of the "big mug" is lost on the photos on here. However, I think the bunny mug still would have won no matter what. Chri$