Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Past

Every now and then I get a drink in me and start looking through some of the past posts here on the Gnar. It's astounding how much the site has changed over the past three years. One of my least favorite changes was when RV and Sofie left town.

Sadly I haven't kept in touch with RV as well as I used to. In light of that I thought I'd re-post four pictures of him that deserved another looksie.

Sorry bud, but that was a really bad haircut.


  1. yeah that was really bad. And I don't just mean for a brown person but for anyone. Just really poor judgement and I often question why he is allowed to post on here.

  2. Who's RV?
    And look at how little chalk is on the Alpine Club boulder:)

  3. The first photo is perhaps the best photo evar posted on the interwebs. c$

  4. C$: What's up with the $? Also re: first pic, some of us have to try hard, if that involves dropping a deuce in our pants while climbing, well then so be it.

    Also, the site is giving me a hard time posting comments. This is like my 10th try from a public computer that's finally succeeded. I blame Sweaty.

  5. For street cred, you know, like Ke$ha. c$