Monday, February 20, 2012

Day One

Katie and I had a few friends over on Saturday night to watch Todd's birthday challenge video. I think most people enjoyed it and at the very least it provided a nice insight into what climbing was like at the lake in 2004. At the end of the night what struck me most was just how much things had changed in the 8 years since that day.

When Todd did what he did, he was more than likely the only person at the lake that could have done that circuit. He fell a total of 7 times throughout the day and was in utter control at all times. To think that he did the full circuit, before noon, and then ran 32 miles is still mind boggling.

The truth is, there are now multiple people that could repeat this circuit. Off the top of my head I can think of almost 10 people that could more than likely do it by years end if they got motivated.

What was even better about the whole night was that afterwards I heard nothing negative. There was no competitive bullshit or talk of someone being able to do a better one. Instead people were talking about how they wanted to try and do it, just to see if they could.

In all reality, it got a few people excited to climb again. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. Katie and I ended up going to Bulbous for a couple hours and Chris and Sarah went to Rail Gun and The Zipper. Chris finished off the Zipper quickly it sounds like and I'm pretty sure that Blake and Sam joined them up there. Not sure if anyone climbed anything else though.

Katie and I had a great time on Bulbous, and while neither of us did the problem, it re-energized us for the coming season. I've climbed a total of 3 days in the last month(first a finger injury and then a hamstring) and Katie is just getting over some major sickness. Needless to say we weren't in top form but it provided a perfect day to get some motivation back.

Katie trying to find a way around the reach on Bulbous. SuperJacked.

On top of all that, it gave me my first real glimpse into what my camera can actually do. Excited.


  1. Dammit Esser I wanted in on the Zipper. Well, maybe Tony and the Narc would like to hit that sometime. C$

  2. Alright Narc, I know Tony wants in, I talked with him about it. We'll make it happen. I am sure we can get a nice spotting crew and enough pads to make even the elderly amongst us (cough cough) safe. C$