Thursday, August 4, 2011

Predictions Recap - Spring Season

So Spring is over and the year has officially stepped over the hill. Here's a recap of where the predictions stand. Doing better this year...

1 - Alpine club will be done 3 times - 2/3 so far. Nic said it'll be done twice. I'm still holding true to the three. I think Aaron will do it and someone else. Jeremy was close as well.

2 - Beautiful Soup will be done 5 times - 3/5 so far. Nic said two times. Suck it. I think we'll hit this rather easily this year. Dobbe??

3 - Keymaker will be done 2 times - 1/2 so far. Nic said one time Suck it again. Chris came through HUGE and it was a personal highlight of the season to have been able to work it with him. Runnells, wants to do it and if he stays injury free he will. Dudes strong enough. And assuming I get healthy I'd love to finish it as well. Plus if Jeff every comes back through.

4 - Moj will be done 2 times - KABOOM Done 3 times. Nic was way off saying it'd be done once. Glad this one got worked over this spring.

5 - Greatest Show will be done 4 times - 0/4 Not sure that we'll see this one actually. So much psyche has been concentrated on the West Bluff that this one has been kind of ignored. Chris, Aaron??? I know you're both psyched on it. Nic said 1 or 2 times and I think he's right on that one.

6 - Tunder Tighs will be done 2 times - Um....we were all way off. This was done 7 times and turned into a classic of the lake. Plus the landing is much better now.

7 - Sandstone Violence will be done 4 times - 1/4 as far as I know with Esser getting the only one so far. Curious where this will end up.

8 - 10 new problems V6 or harder will be put up - So this is where Ian gunked the system up a bit. Ian, no offense but I'm only counting a select few of your problems here as too many are just slight variations of otherwise established lines. My count is the following:

Night Grinder
Velvet Hammer
So Dope/Direct - Counting them as one
Hungry Hippos/Hungry Hungry Hippos - Counting them as one
Public Enemy

Am I missing any biggies??? Of note is Martin's FA of Two Women which really does look fantastic but falls in at V5.

9 - Of those 10 problems 4 will be V8 or harder - I think 2-3 of the above fall into this category that will actually hold their grade. On top of that there are many other projects that will fall into this category. Seam, Corner, Half Dome, Kerplunk(once we move the boulder), Smooth Operator Roof, etc. Go get em. They're all prime, independent lines that will be awesome truly hard problems when they get done.

10 - At least 1 new problem will be DOUBLE DIGIT(said in a monster truck announcer echoing voice.) - While Ian rated a few problems V10 I'm not convinced they'll hold their grades. No offense but I'm gonna say this one is still undone.

What does everyone think. Pretty damn good season so far...Minnesota, where you at?????


1 - Jenga will be done 3 times - 1/3 so far. I think this one has potential.

2 - Moj will get its FFA - Not yet but I got faith.

3 - MooStache will be done 4 times - 1/4 right now thanks to Sarah! I was super excited to hear this go for her and it was well deserved and long awaited. It's always good when there are some punts involved. Ladies????? Time to step up.

4 - Magnum PI will be done 4 times - 1/4 currently. I think this will be close.

5 - Massive Vertigo will be done 3 times - 1/3. For sure. Gonna happen no problem.

6 - Anchorpoint will be done 2 times - 1/2. I think Sarah will step up to the plate. Counting Katie's efforts on it cause it broke.

7 - Alpine Club will be done 1 time - Not sure. I guess we'll see.

8 - Venus Rising will be done 1 time - Ellen????????? You know you want to.

9 - A lady will finally put up a problem harder than V4 - Again, I think this will happen.

10 - A lady will find a brand new area - Not sure but Katie's been off exploring a few times this year. Keep the faith.

Overall it's been an awesome spring and I'm hoping for an equally great fall. There are some things brewing that should re-up the psyche around these parts and I can only hope they all fall into place.

On a more personal note I just want to re-emphasize what this spring meant to me. I can't count the number of days and nights where we had people at 4-5 different areas on the West Bluff all working on separate problems and projects. One of the reasons that my favorite moment from this spring was seeing Chris do Keymaker was that when he did it there were 15-20 people up there watching, supporting and spotting him. This was a complete departure from the second ascent when it was Remo, Nic and myself up there.

The single good thing that's come out of this site has been the community that has surrounded us all. It's such a shift for the local scene and I'm looking forward to more good things as the years pass.


  1. Good post! I have my eyes on Greatest Show for sure, that thing is going down. Keymaker will happen, but I'm psyched on the Soupmaker first.

    I also think we will get that double digit problem, Eggnuts is due.;)
    Looking forward to the Gnar party!

  2. maybe i'll come out of retirement this fall to try and catch lightning in a bottle and help you achieve one or two of those...

  3. I'll even wear my badminton outfit that I didnt get to wear tomorrow.

  4. Nice post Steve. I love the prediction/recap series. Hoping today's weather is a sign that shit is finally past us for good... ce

  5. Glad you like those. I always enjoy remembering what people did.