Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Back Into It

So I think i'm better at running right now than I am at climbing. Ugh.

Not a whole lot going on over here right now. Katie, Ian and Cory met up with Zach from the Twin Cities the last couple days and showed him around the lake a bit. He seems to like it, specifically our bouldering community, which I think is pretty cool. A few years ago it was most definitely not like this and it's nice to get a new perspective from an out of town climber.

So thanks Zach.

It seems they've found a couple new boulders in the East Bluff talus and Zach at least did Rampart Roof which sounded somewhat terrifying, according to Katie. Not sure what else went down but it sounded like a good day. Now someone in that crew just needs to post the new boulders to MP.

On a separate note Dobbe is organizing a really cool event on September 10th at Governor Dodge. He'll be throwing together a Triple Crown style bouldering competition at Group Camp B, Barrel Ridge and the Lonely Boulders. At least I think those are the areas. As far as I know all the proceeds are going to the newly formed Wisconsin Climbers Association which will be actively working towards securing access in Wisconsin.

This is something that I know Dobbe and company have put a lot of work into and it's something that was needed around here. The cost is only $30 for a membership so plan on going to this and having a good time.

Here are the details:

Registration 10-11
Climbing 11-5
Awards and Drinks at 6

The format will be cumulative, as in count up your points as you go. No 10 problem minimum or anything like that, just do as many problems as you can. Should be nice and simple.

You're also encouraged to bring a bike to ride around from area to area. It sounds like the plan is to have pads already at many of the boulder problems and I think thats a really cool way to go about it all. So take a close look at the poster above, plan on being in Dodgeville and get ready for what should be an awesome time.

I know already some people from Minneapolis are planning on coming out which is awesome!



  1. Here's a comment I posted on the earlier post. Figured I'd put it here so people would see it.

    "Any of you fools session at boulders on friday evenings???

    We are going to be in town cause kris is running the madison half. I may be able to sneak out for an hour or 2... "

  2. What time?!?!?! You should let me know with a textual message and I'll plan on being in there. I will attempt to rock climb and do my 150 moves. Maybe less cause we might be rock climbing outside on Saturday. But still. Would be good to see you.

    And Katie will be there all night regardless working away in her little office at her pint sized desk.

  3. I will let you know. it all kind of depends on what time we get in. I am the chauffeur and number one fan so I have to play it by ear.

    Anybody got any free passes? I had some but i dont know what happend to them.

  4. Also, need my PUNT OF THE MONTH prize!

  5. Sweaty did you find an Italian restaurant? Sorry I was of no help to you.

    Yeah Boulder Bash should be fun! ce

  6. We did and then me and Gnar had a lack luster session at boulders :-)

  7. No session with the Gnar should ever be described as lackluster. ce

  8. Dude, you don't even know. So many team sends it was silly. All the Yellow shaded problems got worked over.

  9. team send to the max. who knew climbing was such a team sport.

  10. You're welcome! Thanks to Ian and Katie for letting me tag along for a couple days. Ya'll in Wisco are so damn nice!

  11. Wait a second! What the hell?! People in Wisco are nice?! Damnit Steve, you are slacking off again. We need more not less hate in this world.

  12. I hate you RV. There. I see you got internet back...