Monday, August 15, 2011

Guess What?

I went rock climbing yesterday. The shoulder wasn't great but it was workable and it felt really great to be outside again. Aaron, Katie and I set up a few topropes at the lake which was super fun. My excitement for the topropes at the lake is pretty high right now and I'm looking forward to doing more as we get into fall. I always seem to forget how good the routes are at the lake.

Honestly it was just nice to climb a bit and take it easy. Plus we got to see Aarons yearly dose of technique and pretty climbing on Gill's Nose before he promptly lost it again on Dog Fucker.

And in the best news department we heard that Chris and Sarah got engaged. It's safe to say that this was a long time coming and everyone is obviously very happy for them. I can say that, personally, I'm glad they're going to be around Madison for at least a little while.

Congrats guys.


  1. SO LAST MONTH, way to FOLLOW Chris.

    Maybe you can LEAD us to Babys? or is Narc already have one?

  2. Sweaty and Narc both have babies, just don't tell their wives. ce

  3. ssshhh Eggy.... We told you that in confidence because we thought you may be able to relate to the whole accident thing :-)

  4. Any of you fools session at boulders on friday evenings???

    We are going to be in town cause kris is running the madison half. I may be able to sneak out for an hour or 2...