Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Organic Retro Book Bag

I'm not shy about the fact that I really love Organic Climbing products. The pads, chalk pots, chalk bags and packs are the best on the market, bar none. I like to think that through my constant praise and spray I've convinced at least a few of you to buy a pad. It helps out Josh and you get the best possible product there is.

I was starkly reminded of this when we went up to the lake on Sunday and I was forced to carry my old Revolution 12 Gauge cause Bonamici had my Organic Big Pad. I was blown away with how poorly the first generation Revolution carried and I kept on wishing I had my own cake pad with me instead. Then when we got to the boulders I remembered that the carpet tore years ago and the foam was exposed along one entire side.

Don't get me wrong. I love Revolution and if Josh wasn't doing what he does I'd be climbing on Revolution without a doubt. They've improved vastly over the past 7 years and have a quality lineup of pads currently. Organic is just the best. Even if Josh makes next to nothing on pads.

The reason for today's post is not about pads, but rather something that Josh can hopefully make a little bit of money on. It's about his new Retro Book Bag. I saw this for the first time last summer at OR and wanted one immediately. I don't tend to carry a bunch of shit when I go climbing and the Retro was a perfect size. Josh was nice enough to send me one this spring when he had his first production run and I've been using it since.

Sizewise it's ideal for me as I can carry 3 pair of shoes, chalk pot, chalk bag and water in the main pouch and all the little stuff in the smaller front pocket. It's small enough that it slides into pads easily and takes up very little space while still keeping everything nice and organized.

I know a lot of people (Jeff) use it as an extra bag to go along with the crag pack cause it isn't quite big enough, but it's perfect to pack full of food and water when you have a bigger day planned. Katie is a pack rat just like Jeff it seems and fills her crag pack to the top each and every trip.

No it doesn't have a laptop sleeve. It doesn't have a billion pockets on the inside. It doesn't have a 3 pen holders or a place for business cards. It doesn't have 18 water bottle pockets, nor does it have a special pocket with a hidden unicorn inside. It might not even help you find a new girlfriend.

It is however TOTALLY bombproof and built like a quality pack should be. It has metal buckles on the shoulder straps and a little key clip on the inside. It's clean, simple and burly.

And for a limited time, while he has stock left, he'll be selling it for $40 in the colors you see up top. Buy one. Help out a dude that used to live in the midwest and get yourself a sweet little pack.

For all my fanboys out there, I have the yellow and black one. It looks just like the bee that stung me last week.

Send a note to josh@organicclimbing.com if you want one. You do.


  1. Can you pay extra for the unicorn pocket? I like the backpack, but the unicorn is a deal breaker for me...

  2. I want to know, what IS the pack that will get a girlfriend....I have tried Osprey, BD, Asana, Cilogear, Marmot, BW...all fail! Maybe Organic is the way...;)

  3. Depends how much you pay sweaty. If you pay enough he'll go out and hunt the unicorn with his own two hands.

    Jugs, definitely this one. You should get three.

  4. I have used the one he sent me almost exclusively since the fall, I agree with you completely Steve. One thing you didn't mention is how well it carries actual books as well. Fall semester is just around the corner and I plan to strut this bad-boy all up and down campus. I'm certain that girlfriends will ensue.

  5. Gnar, I demand you respond to my question about the PUNTER shirt. Are they iron on letters, can I just try and iron them again, should i get some fabric glue... I worked hard for my POTM awards and I will not let them fail in less then a week

  6. Yep! Iron on!! The punt of the month shirts will be stepped up very soon. You'll be jealous.

  7. i think there should be a retro issuing of these new awesome shirts... i demand this.