Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Good Climbers Go Bad

I really only have Egghead to thank for this little gem. Oh least you're not throwing a dinner plate around...Number 3 is my favorite.

Stress is starting to set in. Guess that means it's time to sell clothes.



  2. He wants to get so fast at exercising! :P

  3. @Narc: I guess it is better than throwing plates at people (yeah Remo, I am looking at you, you dirty hippy).

    @All: not climbing is a dangerous activity. When not climbing please sit on your butt, eat ice-cream and drink beer to avoid catastrophic injury.

  4. What a good looking Triathlete!

    I knew it was bad news when Eggy said he sent them to Gnar. It was only a matter of time. I thought for sure they would be used in combination with a P.O.T.M. post but I guess not... Who do I have to fuck to win that thing. I don't climb, I do triathlons and I sprained my ankle playing soccer. I mean seriously folks.