Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Group Leader

It's funny how injuries line up sometimes. My last major time off lined up with the first snows of 2009 just as work was getting crazy as Janice was out on Maternity Leave. This time around my time off has lined up with the first 90 degree days just as work is getting crazy and Janice is out on Maternity Leave. Not sure how I feel about it all.

I've been slammed and haven't really had time to come up for air here. Then two things happened.

1 - I looked at my site stats today and somehow there's been 2,000 visits in the past month.

2 - Katie sent me a picture while she was out climbing wondering if I'd seen a certain prow she just climbed. I had. It was Group Leader.

As far as number 1 goes, I think it's rather cool. I know Brian probably gets that many visits every 5 minutes but for this little site I think it's pretty nice to know that you guys have felt compelled enough to visit this place more than 2,000 times recently. 100% of the credit goes towards the renewed energy at the lake.

That makes me happy.

I'll be honest and say that I feel totally out of touch right now. I'm not ever up at the lake and I'm barely at Boulders anymore. Work has taken over lately and as much fun as my job can be times like this tend to be somewhat trying. I try to live through my friends that still get to climb but when it comes down to it what I miss most is the 'hanging out'. I miss being able to go to boulders and just joke around.

It makes me happy to know that we've got friends that aren't JUST climbing partners. It makes Madison a much cooler place.

And for Group Leader, well, that was just a fun coincidence. And really unexpected. Group Leader was something that wasn't exactly super memorable in my eyes, just something kind of cool that I did in 90 degree heat, alone with one pad. Just by myself for a day.

I don't even think I mentioned it here anywhere.

But apparently it's a fun problem. And about a V4. And kind of classic. Thinking back on it, it always seemed like a cool little boulder problem. I'm glad someone else finally did it.

Sweaty, Katie got you a gift. Get psyched.


  1. he only gets the surprise if he promises to send a photo so you can plaster it all over the internets!
    and group leader is really fun. slappy compression to an iffy top out. fun fun.

  2. Of course I'll take pictures!!! Super excited.

    and I do remember you mentioning group leader. I dont know where else I would have recognized that from. so I'm pretty sure.

    I'm certain that i have at least 500 of those clicks... I click on the website a lot of times not even thinking about it. It's like a Pavlovian response to being on my computer. lol.

  3. I am the same's part of my standard open-up-in-a-row everytime I get bored/am near the computer (tends to happen a lot in lab). Always good for a laugh and the news :)

  4. Narc had to go and break the perfect thing that is or shit talking comments.


  5. This is the of the WI climbing scene! Not quite as trashy though, but we're working on it! ce

  6. I heard Gnar was caught taking pictures of his junk and sending them to Browny...

    -Deep throat

  7. Damn Deep throat, that was a good one!;p

    Katie asked me where Group Leader was and I told her and Ian what the problem was and where. I forgot all about that thing. I've made weak attempts to climb it by myself but always prefered a spot. It's for sure going on my to do list. That little talus from GL up to Happy Go Highball has some lines to be done. Lots of faces and some short roofs with terrible holds. Lets get after it!

    Anyone going to brave the weather today? Planning on putting the death strappy on and plugging gear with Fuzzy, but maybe we'll just go bouldering?

  8. Oh snap, I'm all famous and shit now.

    Remo, no strappy, just pads. I'll be out tomorrow with my little camera taking video, not climbing. Weather better not be a bitch.

    Remo, you should definitely do it. And you're not allowed to have a spotter and can only have one pad, just like me. Otherwise you're not as cool.

  9. Agreed with steve on the pad thing...

    Where is the fucking mega project that is worth the trip???? I need something to do besides watching my weight go up on the scale everyday and eating at punch pizza twice a week.


  10. im actually hiding the mega project just so you get fat. I'm gonna be up there next week for teh working. I won't have a car to get around but I want you to take me to this punch pizza you keep talking about.

    You can be my driver.

  11. Cool. When you come in? Where you staying? How long you in town for?

  12. @Steve: Regarding Group Leader, is this with the X-pad? Where is that thing now anyway?

    @Deepthroat: How dare you?! There were no such pictures! It was a damn video, very high, quality, much production value.

    @Remo: If you are going to post anonymously it might be better to pick a different nickname than Deepthroat. You may have been going for the Watergate (or for nerds like me the X-files) reference, but via a completely different interpretation of `Deepthroat' it is quite obvious it is you. C'mon everyone knows you suck.

    @Katie+Steve: I still haven't received my punt of the month gift basket.

  13. John KnoernschildJune 15, 2011 at 10:09 AM

    Your blog is great Steve. Its one of the only places to go and find out what's happening in WI climbing. Keep up the good work man.

  14. Thanks John, I really do appreciate it. Means a lot to hear stuff like that.

  15. i think this blog is stupid... what is climbing?

    p.s. Does katie need my address?

  16. Does Katie need my address? Wait.. No, she has it... She slept (not much sleeping) over last night.....

    OH SNAP!