Thursday, January 6, 2011


So someone(Nic??) wanted me to put up a new post so here you go. Enjoy.

First. Congrats to Sarah for doing Mulletino!!! I know she wanted to do it pretty badly and it's great to see her getting stronger. Seems the ladies are starting to step it up. Good.

Second. Chris, you didn't give me ample enough updates so I'm gonna hold back on your south update. No problem names for you. Suck it. Well I will tell everyone that you flashed Redneck. Good work.

Sarah was good and told us what she did. She got rewarded for it.

Third. Local trade shows suck. Like woah. I hate the Alliant Center with a passion. That said, it's been a good week of peddling our wares.

Numero 4. RV is coming in to town for a few days. I'm gonna get him drunk just like last time. We're gonna crush V2's like nobody's bidness.

Fifth. Nic did the Shield. Good work bud. Happy for you.

6. Four Roses Bourbon is damn tasty. Lets talk alcohol. Go.


  1. Delerium Tremens. Yum. I spent New Years Eve punting on the last move on Stained Glass six times in a row, until my fingers started spouting blood. But it was snowy, and we rented snowshoes to get to the problem, and the topout was through a 2 foot snowbank. All of which was rad.!/photo.php?fbid=10150121727107953&set=a.10150121726232953.317513.509002952

    Go 2011. Go California.

  2. 15 year Glenfiddich Yum. Also, Lagunitas IPA sooooooo gooood.

  3. Can someone find a project that is the caliber of the Raven/Shield? Thanks.

    Yes it was me, I needed something to do while at work.

    Four Roses is good,
    I have not done much drinking lately but I am thinking of starting back up.

    The last few "drunk" nights have ended up with me puking the next morning. The day I did Sand Blasted Skin was one of those days making it my proudest send (puked just before sending, needed to get to sending weight).


  4. Steve,

    What is your sending /punting this season?

    Does that kid Paul D ever read this shit? If so, I have a question for you.

    Awhile back I was facebook stalking, I read a list of things you could repeat for Mark' video.

    I read on there about some secret v10 project. Tell me where it is or I will give Steve a Snickers bar to kill you!

    thanks a bunch,


  5. Nice job on The Shield Nic, radness!
    RV is coming? Damn it, tell him I moved.

  6. When you getting married?

    Thanks, the shield is the best boulder ever!


  7. Nic, I sent more shit down south than i did up here. sad sad year for the gnar.

    Sweaty, you're winning the alcohol battle. jealousy is ensuing.

    Remo, I can tell him you moved but he's gonna want to snuggle with you for sure.

    Everyone should know that eggnuts saw me at the gym but didn't come over to say hi. I call bullshit. I feel insulted.

    I am gnar. Hear me roar.

  8. I could really go for a snickers right now....salted pretzel will have to do...

  9. Wtf, secret projects? Bullshit.. Unless they are my secret projects... But I have none this is a problem! I need secret projects!

    Have you all used bing maps? Check it out along with birds EYE, does not work everywhere but when it does it is radness.

    Trade shows,
    I remember the days of hating my life..

    Ha, sucks to be you,

    RV can suck it. He is probably going to come back all gay n'stuff. How does he have any money? WHy has he not been deported? how in the HELL does he have a lady? WTF.


  10. Heh, yeah I suck. To be fair Steve you were surrounded by your posse, like P Diddy and his bodyguards. I highly doubt I could have broken the circle to bump fists with you. In any case, I couldn't lift my arms high enough to fistbump with the awesome V2+ I was working and finally sent on the back boulder.

    See ya Sunday. ce (weak chris e)

  11. RV has money cause he's brown and people feel bad for him. Same story goes for Sofie. She just feels bad for him. I don't blame her.

    Chris, you're always part of my posse, though I do prefer to be thought of as 50 cent. Fiddy is a rough 'n' tumble kinda guy, just like me. We break skulls bitches.

    Break. Skulls.

    I've totally been ripping up the V2's lately. Fucking crushing them. Last night I even did a V4. Rad.

    Finger injuries suck.

  12. I call 2pac!!!

    SO much street cred.

    I want to climb so bad, why do we live here?


  13. I been thinking the same thing Nic. I guess I live here for April, May, September, and October. And the beer. Damn good beer here in Wisco. Unfortunately, I feel like I would be Vanilla Ice in the rap world. Oh well. ce

  14. I am thinking I will be forced to move unless you find a purple roof with holds that is in the 12-13 range and amazing, if that happens then I will move to Madison.

    Must climb 8b before I get married, all you dudes are going down hill after marriage.


  15. It ain't the marriage that causes the aging. It's the kids. ce

  16. Idk anything about Secret Projects, except for my "secret project" of wanting to get everyone in on a sick-ass video project that I'm doing. It might be just a climbing porn of Devil's Lake, but maybe we'll do some history too. we'll see if i can get some quality footage. I've got some new tech I wanna play with. 1080p sickness...

    I want Steve to climb too. So heres your invite Steve. Crush hard stuff. Get it on superHD and printed on DVD for posterity. Or VHS, or Betamax if you really want it.

  17. I will climb V2 on this trip to Madison. Count on it. It will be sick, it will be rad and everyone will get boners. Also Steve: you bitch, no climbing V4s you promised that you were gonna suck as badly as you.

    Also, to all the readers here. The `Feed the Brown boy fund' is always taking donations. Only hard cash though. I have heard stories of whitey stealing land for beads.

    Also Nic: what do you mean come back gay? Of all people you know better than anyone else how I roll. Or do I need to remind you once again of those magical 5 minutes in the bathrooms at Devil's Lake.

    Remo: I am over you. I like em young, you are too old.

  18. Nic - you don't have to worry bout marriage. she's gonna leave you at the altar, right??

    RV - moose is all ready for you. get ready to snuggle.

    Mark - nah, i'm good.

  19. The project is at an area with sensitive access and I have deleted all references to it because of that. I will not be going there and I never should have mentioned it. Forget it exists.

  20. Paul your secret is safe with us. Just don't give me exact directions or you can kiss your FA goodbye. ;) ce

  21. You should tell me and nic exactly where it is so that we are sure not to go there.

  22. Defintely don't ever go to N 43.259156 W -89.809012 sweaty. There is absolutely nothing there. ce

  23. Ok,




    I will give you a king size candy bar in order to find it and kill him!

    SIDE NOTE_ we went climbing this weekend and headed out to the roof area, the river froze aboout 3ft higher than last year so the roof is out for the season... WTF? The one area we have.


  24. No I don't have a secret project. For three reasons. First, it's not a secret anymore. Second, I won't be going there. Third, it doesn't exist.

  25. Nic, that is just so sad. You should now that my price has moved on from 1 king size snickers bar to 3 king size milky way darks. And a kind size snickers.


    How cold was in up der? 2? 3? I did a snowshoe demo on Saturday for Wildside. Good shit. So much carhart.

    These things were money.™-PL-Pant/OM3165,default,pd.html

    Compressor Pants. So so sick. You should get a pair for cold weather bouldering nic. So good.

  26. Also, sweaty, do you even climb rocks anymore???? or are you still doing that badmiton/cricket/bowling/pickleball shit? I don't even know anymore.

  27. Ok,

    1. yOU RIGHT! NOW TELL US THE LOCATION! or die by candy bar!
    2.You won't but I WILL!
    3. wHERE CAN YOU GO (SEE 1) if nothing is there....WOW, MIND FUCK!




    lets talk prokjectss and booze!!!! ready go! Projects ffirst..

    The best project in the Midwest is....

  28. Best project in the midwest. Right here. So fucking sickradnar.

  29. I stand by my statement that anyone who does this boulder problem should be shot.

    I think it is here.. for real..