Monday, January 17, 2011

Pick Katie's Kicks

Katie can't decide what shoes she wants next, so you're gonna do it for her. You've got three choices. Check em out.

Five Ten Team Shoe

She loves it. They're her current favorites. Sadly they're also a full size too big. Five Ten doesn't seem to make any shoes down to her size, 5, so she just wears a 6 in those.

Five Ten Hornet

I've been kind of enamored with this shoe since Nic showed it to me last summer. It's got a lower volume last and asymmetrical lacing so the fit should be very nice on them. Once more they only go down to size 6 but with laces it might be just a bit better. Sadly it does seem that these have the Dragon heel instead of the Team heel. As a bonus it's got mystique rubber, so that's nice at least.

Scarpa Instinct S

With he options somewhat scarce in her size she's turned her attention to a slipper from Scarpa, the Instinct S. My understanding is that this is their response to shoes like the Project and the Speedster. A 3MM outsole with little to no midsole and a nice toe cap. It seems like a solid shoe that would do most things well. I've got not other experience with it other than a very brief once over a year and a half ago.

Jon, you got demos??

I know a few people have them and those I've talked to seem to like 'em so who knows?

So there you go. Tell Katie what she should get. Vote on the poll to the right. You have until Monday the 24th at 1:00PM.

On the home front it's currently snowing and this is all I got to say about that.

Ian is going through what I imagine Nic went through last winter. We're getting desperate and waiting for a 30 degree day to go to the lake. Hoping it's soon.


  1. Instinct. Lauren says the hornets are ugly, and you're too classy for them. And I personally love the instinct, and I think you'll get a better fit. Dead Point Mag gave them a raving review too :)

  2. Katie is far too strong and none of these shoes will alleviate that problem. I suggest a 5.10 Spire in at least a size 8 or 9. Or maybe some of those board-lasted Boreals.

  3. I'm scared to see how much more amazing Katie could be in shoes that FIT! Go Instinct, because by scared I mean PUMPED!

  4. Sorry, no demos for that shoe. My vote is the one that fits your foot! So, it sounds like it is really between the Hornet and the Scarpa, as you know the Team is just too big. Good luck not trying it blind.

    Also, I hate most mag gear "reviews" It's hard to ever find anything bad about a product in one, witch we all know is BS.

  5. Hornet= same size as Dragon.

  6. is the hornet lower volume?

  7. Not really, has a better fit overall and has a "hooked toe box" not just down-turned but the toe box is slightly "hooked" inward towards the big to giving you exultant power in a mantel or toe-down situation.

  8. does that mean it will rip my toe nails off more often or less often than the blackwing?

  9. Dear Katie,

    Your toe nails getting ripped off has nothing to do with the shoe. Just accept it, you have snaggle toe.

  10. shut up you skinny brown bastard.

  11. Snaggle-toe,

    Less? I have no idea?

    Brown Bastard,

    This post kind sucks. We need a new one and you are the only one who can climb outside, get on a guest post ASAP. What the hell are you doing anyway?

    Why do you travel back to the midwest? When are you getting deported? How is my lover, I mean your girlfriend?


  12. Dear Niki,

    I suck, I haven't climbed anything outside since October. Too busy getting boners on plastic. This coming week though as long as the `ridge gusts' go down from 75 mph to something that wont kill me. Anyway the ridge gusts are my excuse, that and I am too much of a panzy to go to Yosemite or Bishop by myself (plus I have no camping equipment and no money to buy some).

    The `girlfriend' is fine, keeping her locked in a cage to prevent her from escaping. Oh and I get deported on 1 Jun, so mark your calendar. By the way how's the wifey *cough* ball and chain *cough*.

    I also diddle myself a lot these days. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

  13. Wait, really?

    You have to leave June 1st? Forever?

    RV is..

    Going, Going, Back, Back, to Arabia, Arabia

  14. we can take puddles when you get deported.
    the schultzes