Monday, January 10, 2011

Well If She Can Do It

First things first. This is hilarious. Leave it to the Minnesota boys. Might be one of the saddest pictures I've ever seen.

Photos shamelessly stolen from Nic's site.

Good to see desperation is truly setting in. For those that don't know they hiked out there to climb the roof. Not the face above the roof.

Back on track now. It's somewhat fashionable to talk about female participation/equality/whatever and while I don't want to get too deep into anything, ever, there's something that our little crew of fools finds fun and entertaining.

We see it all the time at the gym when some boy thinks they're impressive and notices one of the ladies (ellen, katie, sarah, lauren, vera, etc.) hop on a problem. They see the lady finish the problem and decide that since said lady has a set of jugs he can obviously do any boulder problem that they can.

Cause the dong is superior in some way, obviously.

He then proceeds to follow the lady around the gym trying every single problem she does, falling on the first or second move. It's always entertaining and the fact that it happens so regularly is kind of mind blowing. I've tried to notice if the same thing happens when a dood does a boulder climb but I haven't been able to pick it out. It's just so glaringly obvious with the girls.

While I've seen it happen at the gym there was one event down south that kind of spurred this a bit further. We were at LRC and Katie had just satched up Now and Zen(VEEESEEVEN!!!!OMMMMGGGGSORADICALLLZ!!!!!) in about 10-15 minutes. She did it quickly and then wanted to move on to other problems. Redhouse was on her list and after getting beta from Anthony we walked over that way.

We arrived to a harom of dudes screaming, yelling, punting, douching, and shit everywhere. Penis session was in full on hyper mode.

So we hung out and scammed some beta hoping it'd clear out a bit. More boys showed up and eventually one of the boys came up and started talking to Katie. He kept going on and on about how good Super Mario was(for those that don't know Super Mario is the 4 right next to redhouse, a 7). The dude just couldn't shut up about it. Kept going and going. Started giving out beta and everything.

Nevermind that every single person there was getting on Redhouse and Katie never even mentioned Super Mario. Neither of us did. She had jugs so therefore she can't climb any harder than V4. Simple as that.

Absurd. We brought it up to Holly and some of her friends and apparently it's standard fare down there too.

Fucking absurd. Dudes can be so stupid.

I don't want to get into some chick power mode and proclaim that gender equality is the main concern of the gnar but seriously guys. Get your shit together. It's embarrassing to watch something go down and in the end it's just sad. It's a sad representation of the sport and more than anything it's incredibly frustrating for anyone involved. It CANNOT feel good for the ladies involved and I can't imagine it as anything less than demeaning.

All I know is that Katie ended up walking away from the problem not wanting to try it. All because a bunch of guys were trying to prove just how badass they were on "the softest V7 in LRC".



  1. unfortunately, I do not think any of the boys that read your blog are part of the problem (except Nic. Nic is always some sort of problem). At least it is entertaining to watch....

  2. rofl. I rather enjoy watching this go down in the gym. Seeing Katie crush the little boys hopes is rather entertaining :)

  3. Katie,

    I am stronger than you. NUFF SAID! SO SOFT! OMG! DOWRATE!


  4. oh Nic, I just love to hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. are you coming down south with us? I think Ian is. next month.

  6. HMM, maybe..

    Want to go TO hcr/fred's roof or Las Vegas.

    I will know more soon, would we drive 2 cars?

  7. I learned in the winter of 08/09 not to bother trying to work Katie's projects. She is way too strong for me. ce