Monday, January 24, 2011

New Shoes For The KT

So it seems that the Team Shoes won out in the end. Final tally goes as such.

Teams - 28
Hornets - 23
Scarpas - 15

Despite widespread claims of voter fraud we will not be holding a recount. I trust that all my readers have the upmost integrity and wouldn't dare drop themselves to the level of clearing their history and restarting their browser all in the name of shoes. Blogger polls are of the highest standards in both security and accuracy.

Response from one of the alleged fraudulent voters:

"It was a pain.. had to clear my history and restart Firefox every vote!

22 I think are me."

Awesome. Love you guys.

So I actually have no idea what shoes she's gonna get. It'll be interesting to see what she ends up with.

I've got a couple things set for this week but I've got a question for you guys out there. What open projects are on your list for DL???? I'm putting together a comprehensive list and want to get them all on there. Go.


  1. So, since I only voted once the Instinct got the lowest votes. I see how it is, I see. Guess I didn't learn any of Bush's tactics when he "beat" Gore.

  2. I don't have any open projects on my list, only 2 dozen or so V9-V13 secret projects on perfect, purple quartzite roofs :)


  3. HA! So lame.




    snickers bar in mail.. please kill him