Thursday, December 30, 2010

Punt Of The Year

So I'd talked to Nic bout who was gonna get punt of the year and we both kinda decided on Wisco getting it. I mean honestly, we didn't really step up this year.

As of today though, I've made an executive decision. It's one that I think we can all agree upon. Something that won't be devisive or create arguments. Instead it will breed community, agreement and laughter. Above all else it will create unity.

I'm all about unity bitches.

I have ties to 5.10. Our good friend Nic Wouldjablowmezija (got the 'z' in there nic...just fer you) is their door to door charleton. I like to support my friends. Plus they make good kicks and I like that.

I like Sportiva. They make good shit. Their shoes are solid, they push innovation and they try stuff.

I like Scarpa. Jon is good shit and their shoes are solid, well built tools. They is good peeps.

People seem to like Evolv and Ian climbs for em so I'll give them a spot up here too. They make decent stuff from what I've seen. I'd give them more credit if Freaney still climbed but he plays pro badmitten now. Something like that.

Mad Rock had been the bottom of the barrel for years and years when it came to shoes and hardware. I'm not sure how but someone stooped even lower. Someone made a shittier shoe than Mad Rock.

Well...Maybe not so much shittier as just straight up copies of their shoes with a new logo.

Climb X. What a bunch of fucking punters. You were the joke in January when this first came up. You were the joke at the summer tradeshow. You're still the joke for copying the company that copied everyone else.

Everything you do is a ripoff of someone else's design and their not so hard work. You are the reason that the climbing industry gets held back every few years, just like Mad Rock was almost a decade ago. You are the reason that I hate copycats and lazy designers. You serve absolutely no purpose in our community and it kills me to see the lack of innovation in your line. You wait for someone else to come up with some idea, good one or not, and then you steal it and photoshop your logo on it.

Mad Rock was born out of controversy, stolen materials and copied lasts. It's only fitting that it happened twice now.

As you all know I'll support any company that offers innovation that serves a true purpose. Companies shouldn't be sitting around designing the same stuff over and over. Copies only drag our industry down and serve zero purpose. I want to give a couple of shout outs to companies that are doing just that.

Organic - Josh, we love you over here. You make the best pads on the market bar none. End of discussion. You alone changed how people think about pads and have risen to the top for good reason. Even all the other companies out there know it and admit it. It kills me a little bit whenever I see one of those ripoff Metolius chalk bags on someone. Keep on keeping on bud.

Five Ten - Two words. Team Shoe. Enough said.

Mountain Hardwear - I absolutely love being aligned with a company that actually cares about innovation. Everyone here needs to go to this link to see why I've been so busy this winter. Trango/EV Tents. Windstopper. Waterproof Softshells. Stretch Welded Seams. Welded Tent Windows. OutDry Gloves. And now, Air Permeable Hardshells.

Petzl - No competition. GriGri. Spirit. Keylock. Frame Construction Harnesses. Quark. Nomic. LED Headlamps. Mini T. Reverso. Ecrin Rock. Elios. Meteor. Elia. Ange. GriGri2. CORE Rechargable Battery. Those are just SOME of the things they came out with before anyone else even thought of it.

Polartec - Go here. After you click on Mountain Hardwear that is...

Mystery Ranch - One of the few true innovators left in the pack game. They've gone out of their way to prove there's more than just a framesheet to a pack. With other companies being so "in vogue" right now it's refreshing to see them out there doing their thing.

Nicros, Teknik, Pusher/Revolution, DRCC, E-Grips - These are some of the only hold companies that I'd spend my somewhat hard earned cash on. They're pushing the gym scene forward and are coming out with shapes that are leaving all others behind. Buy some. On the asap.

These are just a few of the companies that I see pushing the industry on a day to day basis. Too often we're stuck thinking that innovation is a white zipper, a new color or a fancy new copy of a formerly successful design.

What we need are more companies truly innovating. Moving things forward and driving each other to make the shit we use better.

What we need less of are companies that steal other companies mediocre designs and then market them as their own mediocre designs. That's just lazy. Lazy and stupid.

For that Climb X, you get the Punt Of The Year.


  1. Agreed. I can't believe this isn't illegal - and I don't know how these guys sleep at night...