Friday, December 3, 2010

Punt Of The Month - November

Before we go any further with our wonderful Trip Of Northern Agression I'd like to take a moment out of our daily routines and talk about our newest member of the Punt Of The Month club. So far Ray, Katie, Remo, Myself and RV have all received the stunning award. I still want to get Pink beanies that say "Punter" on them and give them out as prizes. We'll see.

I'm guessing you all thought it'd be some ridiculous punt from our trip. You're wrong. While there were good punts there wasn't anything outlandish.

There were many things that played into the decision but it all started one fateful day at Jenga. Katie was getting closer and closer to finishing the problem but was having trouble getting her heel to stay. She eventually settled on the Teams as they were the most consistent.

She'd just gotten incredibly close and I figured it was gonna go quickly now. Katie slipped on her shoes. Velcroed the right shoe. Went to velcro the left all we heard was a snap.

She broke the velcro. She's just too strong.

Katie tried in vain to tape the shoe to her foot but alas, she had to leave empty handed.

Katie's new piece of velcro.

On top of that her toe rubber is pulling away, both the heels have separated and the second piece of velcro is almost torn through. She has used and abused these shoes since she first got them in February and it shows.

Plus they're a size too big.

All that said, they're still Katie's favorite pair of shoes she's ever put on. She just wishes they went down to a size 5.

So for all of the above, Katie's team shoes get Punt of the Month for November. Sorry Teams, but you earned it.

Disclaimer: I still contend that the Team Shoe is my favorite performance shoe ever and that the only thing they need to change is the pull tab on the back of the shoe. Just widen them up a bit and you'd be good to go.

Perfection in shoe form.


  1. I need a narrow velcro shoe. Is this the bouldering shoe for me? You guys know my style and capabilities. ce

  2. I didn't know you had capabilities... interesting.