Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Trip Of Northern Agression - Mulletino

This past February Katie spent a little bit of time trying a few problems with hopes to come back and do them in the fall. One of those such problems was Mulletino, a fun little V5 on a very cool roof next to Ghetto Superstar.

On the second day of the trip we made our way over to it but after a few tries we couldn't quite remember Katie's beta from the spring. It turns out her beta was totally and completely jacked. Like super duper jacked.

Earlier in the year with teh crazy betas.

As she was still trying to figure out what she'd done the previous trip we both looked for more logical options. If we couldn't figure it out, it probably wasn't great beta, right?

After a short time she figured out a body position that allowed her to go into the good jug with her right hand and it seemed she'd be able to unwind it that way.


Teh good betas.

Sadly she kept getting stymied trying to get her feet into a solid enough position for the next move. So, being a boy and all, I just told her to try jumping into it and stepped back to watch.

Katie, doing her thing on Mulletino.

It's nice to see everything click together so easily and after a few tries from the start she was hanging from the finish jug, opting not to do the super sketch topout.

So often we sit under a project for too long thinking about a move too much without any progress. Little moments like these are incredibly cherishable as they give us quick, fleeting moments of success and a boost of confidence.

Katie started out her trip right and confidence was high long after this problem went down. In many ways this was the lynchpin for her trip.

Bonus shots of her on Short Long.


  1. "Nice jugs." Sweaty you never cease to amaze me. This is Steve's WIFE you realize!!! :)

    On another note congrats to the newest Player in town, the NARC. Check out the latest Climbing.

    That is all. ce

  2. hello, i meant the beautiful large rock crevasses. get your mind out of the gutter.

  3. A hold broke on Mulletino this summer. Maybe that is why you think your old beta was bad. The right hand hold in the 3rd & 4th pics is new.