Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Radness To Ensue?

Looks like we're gonna have a couple good days coming up. I'm pretty excited. Looks like Stache/Dogwalk and Greatest Show on Sunday. Saturday might have a trip up to Jenga in the works and hopefully some exploration on the east bluff.

Word on the street is that Mr. Climbing Narc himself might be up there to join in the fun. Seems about time for him to make his yearly pilgrimage to the lake to get injured. Oh Brian....what are we gonna do with you?

Either way it should be fun. We've got a psyched crew and decent conditions it looks like. I'm very ready to be back at the lake. Very ready.


  1. Where do you hear such baseless rumors???????????

  2. Autograph Signing at 1PM at the Flatiron for those interested...

  3. I also foresee many, many, many punts.