Friday, October 1, 2010

New Kicks And Potential Radness

Well I got me some new shoes today. Sadly Katie's decided not to arrive until Monday. Boo.

First impressions on the Blackwings are as such.

- Nice fit. I ordered size 8 just like my teams and dragons and everything seems to be fitting well. Probably more along the lines of the Dragons so far. The lining is also very comfy. Nice and soft. If anything they fit a bit narrower than the Dragons.

- Velcro closure is nice. Everything is stitched nicely and the velcro is good and burly. On top of that they're really easy to get into. Noticeable difference from the Jet 7's. Much nicer.

- Heel fits very well. Better than the Dragons for sure right now. Possibly better than the Teams. Seems to be just a bit lower volume than the others.

Everything seems very nice on them and I'm excited to try em out tomorrow. Katie can comment on the fit of the womens ones on Tuesday. Curious how they're gonna fit.

In other news we're climbing with Mr. Cotter-Brown tomorrow. I'm not sure if Jeff and Kelly are gonna show up at this point but here's to hoping! Seems as if Keymaker is on the list. We'll see how it goes!! Very excited to get him out there!! Temps are good now! Hooray!!!

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