Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So it's cold here in Oregon. Damn. None of us came even remotely prepared and it's pretty hilarious to watch. Oh well.

For more reasons than I can elaborate here this meeting has been incredibly inspiring, to say the least. Innovation is the name of the game around here and we're bringing some stuff to the table that has never been done before. Keep an eye out. It's crazy.

All of this plays into the Innovation stuff I've been chattering lately. The outdoor industry has been stagnant for far too long.

On a fun note we got to see an Ueli Steck slideshow tonight which was amazingly badass and so inspiring. Seeing the athletes here is an incredible experience. Each one is a core athlete with such a drive to do amazing things that you can't help but to want to do the same.

They're on such a different level when it comes to commitment and desire. And I'm not talking that they climb V23 or 5.87g. Libecki has done solo big wall FA's on every single continent, including Antarctica. Ueli is just two scoops of crazy and his speed efforts on big alpine walls are absolutely amazing. Everyone talks about onsighting hard rock routes but honestly, that's nothing compared to Ueli onsighting the north face of the Matterhorn for a new speed record. Insane.

We've got more product meetings tomorrow and Friday. Internet sucks here but maybe I'll have something else.

Two things first though...

1 - Come to the boulders comp this saturday. It's always fun. Katie is talking about making