Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So the weekend came and went without a whole lot of excitement. Here are a few things I learned...

1 - Eggnuts is strong. He did Bagatelle and then promptly came over to Beautiful Soup and almost sent the rig with the good betas. It'll happen soon bud. He also gave me two bumper stickers that said "What Would Steve Dew?". Apparently he put one on Rhoad's jeep. Awesome.

2 - White Whiskey is not bad at all. I'd go as far as saying it's downright tasty even. Well done Death's Door. Well done. Go here.

3 - The Jewel boulder is absolutely hands down one of the most badass talus boulders I've seen at the lake. Good fucking find Rhoads. I look forward to climbing on its bountiful jugs. There is a bit of bird poop on the top but that is NO reason not to climb on this thing. It is rad in every sense of the word and the whole area up there could be one of the premier moderate areas at the lake with a bit of work. I look forward to developing it soon.

4 - The East Bluff has a lot of potential for new stuff. I did not see anything standard setting but we saw so much rock that there has to be good stuff stowed away in there.

5 - Dodge has some fucking horrifying spiders. God damn.

6 - Alpine Bouldering Club is not a summer destination. After a fucking death slog up to the boulder RV promptly punted off of the topout on his first go. In the process he knocked down one of the aforementioned spiders and we all stared in awe. I am wholly convinced that they are the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. 100%. RV promptly sent soon after and we got the hell out of there.

7 - Grounded For Life is still one of my favorites at Dodge. That said, yet another terrifying spider was hiding in one of the pockets and I'm sure that it could eat me whole....one bite. Gone. Katie quickly repeated GFL and we moved on from that spider infested hellhole.

8 - Running fucking sucks. A lot. I ran 2 miles yesterday and wanted to die.

That is all. There will be more pictures tomorrow but I have to leave here so this is all you get. Such a cool boulder and RV gives it some perspective.


  1. I second Eggnuts being strong. Like wicked strong. I want to know what he eats, babies? I will gladly eat babies to get even a fraction of the powers that he possesses.

    Although, he needs to stop with the proclamations of him `being weak'. It makes me feel even more of a sally.

  2. LOL you guys are funny. One of my semi-mentors when I started climbing said "Old guys can still crank, it's just that the victories are fewer and further in between". I was psyched to do Bagatelle for sure, awesome line, but in reality I think Beautiful Soup is far from in the bag. We'll see. I feel like significant progress was made, thanks for the super secret Steve beta. Wish that right hand was less sharp... Nice job on ABC RV! That boulder just seeps water anytime the humidity is over about 25%. Oh, and yeah, the photos of the Jewel boulder look awesome. Fall has arrived! ce

  3. Oh and congrats Sweaty! Guess she showed up and said "I do." ce

  4. CONGRATS INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's great news Sweaty!!

  5. Eggnuts=STRONG! Chris, we are like fine wines and whiskeys, we get better with age.:)

    Sweaty=MARRIED! Congrats bro and cheers to you and your new bride.

    RV=PUNTER! J/K, had to throw that one in. Congrates on ABC, now you just gotta finish up SV.

    On another note, Rhoads and I hiked way up behind Railroad Ampitheater and found some pretty cool boulders. Lots to be explored folks, get psyched!