Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweat The Suck Out

As all of my faithful here know I've been running. Ran 3.5 yesterday and 2 more today. Really tiny mileage compared to pretty much everyone out there. 10-15 miles a week for the past couple of weeks has been my mojo and to be honest, that's plenty for me.

I seem to work in a world full of world class athletes and it continually blows me away the distances some of the Montrail athletes run. 50 miles without a blink. A marathon is a warmup for most of them and it's just sort of mindblowing to me. One of their athletes, Geoff Roes, has run seven 100 mile races and has won every single one of them. Absurd.

Our good buddy John 'Frisbee Disc' Dobbe just ran a 50K this past weekend. Fucking insane dude.

I maintain my stance that running tends to suck and that I truly enjoy climbing because of the sheer enjoyment of it. That and the fact that you can get ice cream on the ferry.

I was talking to my coworker Pete and we chatted for a bit about how running doesn't really ever get easy for the sole reason that you're always pushing yourself. It tends to always be this drawn out battle of sorts.

It rarely gets fun.......it just sucks less each time you do it.

I've tried a number of different sports over the years. Soccer for a decade and a half. Hockey for a solid 10 years. Baseball for another 10 or so. I've casually ridden bikes and VERY rarely have I actually run any sort of distance at all. For two years I feigned curling in sort of a haze of booze and gigantic bruises.

Those first three all seemed to end when I started to climb. The others have been a weak attempt of mine to see if I could hold any sort of interest other than rock climbing.

All of these other sports have all but left my life. Soccer got boring and in all honesty I'm much too small for Hockey no matter how good I was or how much I liked it. Oddly enough Baseball started hurting too much. Riding bikes was a quick fascination that I now relegate to the occasional commute and Curling, while fun, just took too much time away from climbing. Plus....it's Curling. I can't even begin to estimate how often I fell on my ass.

And up until now Running has been the furthest thing from my mind. Currently I see it as a means to an end.

I want to climb better. I'll climb better if I'm lighter. Voila!

How long will it last?? Who knows. What I do know is that now I'm feeling just a bit better and just a bit lighter. I feel stronger and have more motivation. Katie and I have trips coming up and it gives us an excuse to get fit.

It's often said that motivation comes in waves. Last year was one huge wave that came and went. This year has been a different story. It's not necessarily a bad thing but rather something that I think we've all noticed.

People come and go, as does the motivation to try hard. I feel my motivation slowly coming back.......It's gonna be a good fall.


  1. "It rarely gets fun.......it just sucks less each time you do it."

    I feel the same way about running Steve. You do it because you feel the need to. (for me anyway). I swam in college. I ran, skiied, and did gymnastics in high school. Played soccer all my youth. I would say the only "sports" I've ever truly enjoyed were cross country skiing and climbing. Skiing is harder to stay good at once you have a real job and family, not to mention the snow quality issues.

    Dobbe did a 50K? Damn, who knew. Way to go bro. Same with sweaty doing all his triathlons. I admire that, but no way in hell I would do it. (sorry I bailed on the beers today sweaty, damn family to deal with!)

    Climbing is fun. The other sports you stay fit, but I'm not so sure about the fun part.

    Excited for fall, but it's been a little rainy so far, dammit. And what with Harvey leaving for Davis CA and all...

    Yeah. Well. What's going on this weekend? Let's get the psych back on. ce

  2. I have also been trying to get back into running but each step reminds me what a horrible activity it is!

  3. Yeah, i totally have this odd admiration for the super endurance athletes. Part of it is knowing that I'd never ever want to do it myself.

    This weekend is looking phenomenal. Katie is getting psyched to try Jenga and I'm psyched for a bunch of stuff. Maybe go up to horse ramparts one day and put up some new stuff.

    What are your plans??

  4. Oh, and Narc, it really is just a terrible thing. I don't get how it's one of the biggest active industries out there. Just amazing.

  5. It's just so easy to do! (not the mental part, you actually have to want to go do it) All you need is a pair of shoes. That's it.

    Steve, have you tried running out on some trails? I don't know what you've got accessible. I never really had before I moved from MSP out here to SF, but seriously, it's night and day. Trail running is really FUN. Plus it seems like you're going faster when there are more tree and rocks and stuff. I actually drive up into the hills to run (instead of down the block), and it's way more fun. Plus when I have to stop and walk, I don't seem to mind as much... JW

    PS-- to add to the list, I grew up running, playing hockey, basketball, and baseball, and they all suck compared to climbing. Except maybe trail running, although I can't even imagine running 50k (although I want to)

  6. Good post Steve. I always said I would only run to chase a soccer ball, but I do enjoy it, weird? I haven't run since my ankle injury, but can't wait to start again. Cycling has now taken that endurance part, and it works for now. Dave Groth always warned me about cycling, he would say it makes you legs bigger, which is bad for climbing, funny.
    I agree with you all that climbing is the most enjoyable sport, but it's right behind snowboarding for me.
    Anyway, happy first day of fall, it officially starts tonight a 10:09 CT. Who's going to be out on Sat? I'm not sure if I'm going to boulder or work on more towers for the tour tour expedition. We may be doing about 20 now, which is going to be a long day.
    Cheers everyone, good bye hater D.B. Robinson, you will be missed.

  7. Running sucks. So does climbing. Climbing can be bearable when you are on plastic. Scones are the best. So there, suck it Remo! Also snowboarding is only slightly better than throwing a plate at other people.

    Finally to get some syke for running, watch the intro five minutes of zombieland.

  8. Brown Friend,

    you need to know that the throwing a plate line is the funniest thing that you have ever written on here and i nearly spit my breakfast out. deep breath....
    ok, i hate you again and wish you nothing but car problems (if you're driving) and frozen wings (or geese on the runway) (if you're flying).


  9. Oh sweaty. I really do enjoy when you make it over here. Your absurdity is missed.

    By the way I was told by a good friend of ours last night that he did Body Karate in 4 tries. It made me feel weak and thought that i would pass that on to you since i thought you'd appreciate it.

    Hugs and kisses.

  10. im going to be coming back less and less often. it is nice to be missed.

    That's silly fast. he must have great core tension! What a great problem that is. soooo fun!

  11. seriously though. i dont climb anymore. ive gotten really psyched on soccer again, after playing it for 17 years growing up i have found myself on a sunday team. it reminds me of how much i love team sports. the tri stuff has also been really great and when the day comes that i feel like climbing again at least i will be nice and fit to do so.