Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear RV,

What can I say other than I'm gonna miss you and Sofie. I know it's not a permanent move but still, it's a move and I'll miss you guys. You're my best friend and it's rare that a day goes by where I don't at least send a note to you to remind you that I flashed that Red plastic problem in the gym and you didn't.

You were my best man and I'll forever be grateful to you for making the absolutely hellish trip back to the states for a single day. It meant the absolute world to Katie and I. It really did. I don't know anyone else that would have done that.

I know we'll see the both of you often but it's not the big trips I'll miss. It's the flash games and all the stupid trips to the gym when we're way too tired to do anything at all. The far too often 'That's what she said.....or he said...'. It's knowing that there is always someone willing to drive to the lake just to make sure that everything is soaked.

Very slim chance that it's also the extra big pad. Very slim.

Just know that everyone here in Madison is going to miss all the hating. By the end of today Madison will be just a little nicer......and that's really too bad.

Katie and Steve

P.S. Sofie, be sure to tell Pierre hi for us!!!!!


  1. a) I only came back for the wedding for the green tea.
    b) Who's this Katie person?
    c) I will kill Pierre.
    d) go dammit, you are never gonna forget that red problem. Are you?
    e) I am watching a cop show right now.

  2. RV.

    Headed to the Reserve @ 7am on Sunday. Anyone welcome. There's a few of us already so we should have plenty of pads for a good session.


  3. a - the green tea was rather good, wasnt it?
    b - Katie is my boss
    c - will TRY to kill Pierre.
    d - no. also. I flashed green last night. Suck. It.
    e - WHICH ONE?!?!? Cop shows......

    Chris! Are you finally gonna see the reserve???

  4. I sure hope so! Not for lack of trying... ce

  5. dont loose your phone... or keys... or whatever it was last time

  6. Mostly my mind. ce