Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Five

So I'm kinda curious what everyone's Top Five problems at the lake are? Which problems stick out?

Nic and I got to talking about the best problems this past sunday and the conversation of Beautiful Soup Direct came up. I genuinely think that the stand start direct version could possibly be the best problem at the lake. Decent landing, obvious start, cool crux sequences and a high topout on jugs.

What does everyone think? What's classic?

Here's my list of problems I've done:

1 - Slope of Dadaism - Simply amazing wall

Photo: Remo

2 - Big Bud Arete - Again, just an amazing feature

3 - Jenga - Such a good problem, classic in every sense

4 - Flatiron - History, holds, position, movement all make this a must do

5 - Moj - mainly for sentimental reasons for me

And my list of what I consider THE classic problems at DL, whether or not I've done them:

1 - Keymaker - Possibly the most imposing wall at DL
2 - Slope of Dadaism - I personally think this would hold the 'classic' label no matter where you put it
3 - Alpine Club - One of the most "Pure" lines at DL on some of the best rock in the world
4 - Big Bud Arete - Again, this would be classic anywhere
5 - Jenga - Perfect start holds, amazing movement and a perfect thank god jug

Runner Ups in my eyes would be (in no particular order) Smooth Operator, Flatiron, Greatest Show (might have to go on the list after it cleans up a bit), Burma Warmup, Super Slab, Pete's Pebble, Sex and Chocolate with a Cherry on Top, Moj, Pinball Arete (might be stretching it to call it classic but it holds an aura for sure), Starfish, Ejaculator and the Tombstone problems.

Those are just some of my favorites.

Very curious to hear what everyone else thinks.


  1. Ooooooh, I'm getting my pen ready.

    I am no expert, and my tick list is rather short compared to locals who have been around for a long time and who have more time to climb-- but that never stopped me from voicing a poorly-thought-out response.

    1. Flatiron, the history and movement
    2. Show me the Kind-- strange problem but so satisfying to finally figure it out
    3. Pete's Pebble-- scenery and pretty fun
    4. Slope of Dadaism-- movement
    5. Anchorpoint-- just mostly for the fun I had working it and coming back to it

    OK that's it for now. Hopefully as I tick more off more will come up. ce

  2. I don't think I've done enough there to judge but i think that Alpine Club would be on a list in any area so I think you're right to put it on this one.

  3. My top 5 are hard to come up with but heres a try.
    1. Jenga- the moves are so fun, once you know them.
    2. S&C w/a Cherry on Top- For personal reasons, but what a cool line, am I right?
    3. Slope of Dadaism- one of the best V3 I've done.
    4. Big Bud Arete- tall and super fun.
    5. Super Slab- big and fun all the way.

    Honerable mentions: Steve you pretty much covered this area but: Show me the Kind, Moj, Massive Vertigo, Pete's Pebble. BS, Alpine Club- haven't sent these two yet, but love the movement. Starfish, Ejaculator, Flatiron, Amazing Pillar, Wave Rider Roof, Welcome Crack, PM, AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!

    Good post Steve, love the ones where we all get to discuss boulders. And ofcoarse the regulars who chime in, you know who you are.


  4. Oh and I just came from Genna's happy hour and have a belly full of Old Fashions, so if it seems like a rant, I have an excuse. By the way, what type of Old Fashion do people prefer? Whiskey, Brandy? Sweet, sour? Come out with it!!!
    Remo- Brandy-Sweet.

  5. LOL. Drunk posting, nothing better. Off to change a poopy diaper... ce

  6. Remo, you really need to do more drunk posts. Love it!

    And Chris - POOP!

    Whiskey sour by the way. Maybe we need more drinking posts on here...

  7. Perhaps I was to brief.

    I would also put Massive Vertigo as well as Jenga on my list. So that's 3... That's all for now... more to come after the spring season.