Monday, March 15, 2010

I Am Not A Biker

Katie and I had a crazy couple of days this past weekend. Rutabaga put on Canoecopia and Budget put on Bike-O-Rama. Both events are right next door to each other and combined they generate a staggering number of sales. Like usual traffic backed up on the beltline because of the event.

What it meant for us though was a tiring four days of work. Here's a quick recap of my Canoecopia experience. Fun, right?

Day 1 - Grab the first of many rides with Katie so I don't have to ride my bike, haul shit, setup shit, drink, setup more, whiskey, whiskey, Beer Cheese Pretzels, Matilda, Fish N Chips, Lion Stout, Gin n Tonic, bike home drunk and happy that my legs aren't burning, sleep.

Day 2 - Wake up still sorta drunk, bike in with burning legs due to being way outta shape, setup more, stock, drink a bit more, sell lots of stuff, make fun of guy next to our booth that looks like Fabio, cop a ride home with Katie cause I'm too tired/lazy to bike home, drink whiskey, pass out.

Day 3 - Wake up and watch Katie go to work at 7:30 AM(13 hour day for her and she's already getting sick), bike to the show in a drenching mist/rain, almost pass out and tip over cause I'm fat and outta shape, eat many donuts (thanks pete), sell shit, eat first pretzel, sell shit, visit Katie next door, happily take 3 mini bags of swedish fish, eat 3 mini bags of swedish fish, sell more shit, eat second pretzel, discuss new sport that pete's developing of "Fast and light hunting..just combine trail running and hunting....and shorty shorts." nice pete, have a nice chat with Fabio and find out that he has the same old ass flip phone as i do....mine has a dinosaur sticker though, try not to keel over on the bike home, curse a lot, drink whiskey, yell at pup for biting me, eat entire box of Mac n Cheese, pass out.

Day 4 - Avoid riding in and cop another ride with Katie, almost have a seizure from the short 1 minute ride to the back of the alliant and realize that I will never EVER ride bikes for fun, scam a shot of coffee from the kinetic coffee booth, sell even more shit, eat first pretzel, eat a sub (thanks Milio's), eat second pretzel, wait for 5:00, pack up shit we couldn't sell, almost die as an 8 foot chunk of slatwall attached to rolling 4 x 4's tips over, almost die once more loading said slatwall into u-haul, huff and puff my way over to the office to unload everything, cop a ride to Jamerica with Janice, Optimator, Jerk Chicken, Hoppalicious, more Optimator, ride home in a headwind....once again totally drunk, inexplicably eat yet another entire box of Mac n Cheese, pass out.

It was fun hanging out all weekend with Josh, Amanda and Andrew from Sea to Summit. Lots of shit was talked and they do know how to drink. Quote of the weekend was from Josh though. About 2:00 on Saturday he took a huge swig of water, looked straight at me and said "Christ, think I'm still drunk." and walked away.


Back to climbing soon. What did you guys get on this weekend? I wanna know. Nic, did you go up to sawmill? Remo, did you go up to the lake? Anyone else go up??? I'm curious how conditions are!!


  1. How about we discuss the fact that a heavily bearded Remo is near unrecognizable based on a facebook photo I saw this morning. Assuming I saw things right.

  2. Yeah, he does that every winter. Needs to shave it though. Remo! Shave that shit!!!

    By the way, I think we're calling Remo "The Enforcer" now. He tried to beat some dude up with a set of nuts. No joke.

  3. Very impressive. It would take me at least decade to match that.

  4. I visited Remo last month at his place of work and said the same thing. Grizzly fucking Adams.

    P.S. I have to hear the nut fight story!!!

  5. Remo is only recognizable right now by his massive forearms and always-psyched tone of voice.

    I heard it was nice out on Sunday. Damn work. Hoping it stays like this for a while now. ce

  6. I really need to GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE. I forgot how much the spring blows if it is not dry.

    1st thing,

    Who wants to go to So ILL or So Dak.

    I want to do the New Zero (and most of the stuff at da roost).

    But.. there is another b3 in SO dak and I want to do it (or try the fuck out of it, obsess over it, cry because of it, and then be so happy when I pull it out of my ass) to make Jamie re-post his "B3" list.

    I want to come to devils lake this weekend. Will it be good? Greatest show anyone? What else should I do? I am not sure what else is Really good (**+ and above).

    Steve, Why the Fuck do you have a cell phone? What the hell man? I have never called and had you answer. Bullshit.

    If we all do go to SO ILL (MARCH 25TH-29TH)

    Can someone pick me up in da CHI?

  7. I did go to Sawmill...

    check my blog for updates of how it went.


  8. Nicoli,

    I am not sure that that weekend is going to work for me... I will continue to look into it but the preliminary results are probably not. I still have feelings for you none the less and hope that, in your obvious manic state, you will forgive me.





  10. I just took the caps as meaning you like me and appreciate my friendship. I was mistaken?

  11. Yo Nic, I should be at the Lake on Sunday, but maybe doing routes. Let me know what is up. I will be going out tomorrow and Thursday if anyone is interested. Maybe Willow River on Thursday, we will see.

    And THE BEARD RULES! Notice the caps. It may be coming off soon, so you guys better get you fill of it soon, I know my girlfriend has.

  12. Nic-- what do you want to try in SoDak. I would like you to go do The Prow

    Here is some beta on a vid:

    You maybe already did it. Shoot a video and post it so I can study it. Also I would like to know if it's soft. Only way I ever send anything if it's soft. ce

  13. I have never tried the prow but that is on the list along with homestar and king of town (b3). I will do both of those things because my internet friends have left me and I will be all alone on my voyage.

    REMO! willow? I could be syked for some choss.


  14. Homestar looks sick. Haven't seen any footage of Kings. I want to get on The Cheat and Black Roughy this spring, such a fun area, we'll see... ce