Monday, March 29, 2010


So we've got a crash pad with a piece of cake on it. It's sweet. It looks like this:

Katie kicks ass and made me a cake that looks like a crash pad with a slice of cake on it. It was yum:

RV and Sofie came over on Saturday night after the weary and helped our cause. They also helped me down a bit of the Scotch they gave me. Also very good. I'm a fan.

On to the rocks though. RV, Katie and I had a nice relaxed afternoon on Friday up at the north shore. It was nice. We just kept on pulling the pads around to different moderate highballs and goofed off. I ran multiple laps on everything and had a blast. It was great.

Aside from scaring both of them with a sketch high heel 20 feet up on some random problem it was pretty relaxed and uneventful. Well, that and my totally sick n rad gnar filled double dyno on the Vb slab. That was good too.

We drove up Saturday with Dave, Geoff and Zach for another day of radness. Sofie and Dave earned employees of the day awards. Sofie showed absolutely zero fear on the tall warmups at the North Shore and actually said that climbing at Boulders was scarier. For having never really climbed outside it was fun to see her so comfortable on the high stuff.

We spent a bit of time at the North Shore before heading up to Moj and Jenga. We set the pads up and I ran to the top of the boulder to try and get a different perspective for some pics. Laying down up top was sketchier than I'd like to admit but I'm pretty happy with how the shots turned out.

Like I said earlier, Dave earned points for doing Jenga super fast. Under 10 tries maybe? It was quick though and only with one dry fire/punt on the last move. Nice work.

We moved down the hill and RV set a pad below Moj and I started trying the Seam Project. Another day, another fail. I felt way more comfy on the move but couldn't reel the swing in. I only had 10 tries or so before i crimped a bit too hard and the cuticle on my left index finger blew up and sprayed blood on the rest of my fingers. I could feel it pop mid move. Kinda disgusting.

After last weeks exam RV brought a rubber glove up to spot me on the Seam....I made Dave spot me.  Super creepy...

It's doing much better now though. I only gave it a handful of more attempts before I stopped. Such an odd little project.

In the meantime RV and Dave worked the piss out of Moj. Geoff and Zach also tried it off and on. RV started to feel the move and was getting close. He vowed to come back soon and I think he's heading up tomorrow to try it again. Hope it goes soon for him as it's very much his anti style and would be a step forward for him.

We all walked down to Anchorpoint after a bit of time and ran laps on the classics there. Such a good little spot to take people who've never bouldered at the lake. Super fun problems of all grades. Dave, Geoff and Zach quickly did the little corner problem and RV repeated it again. Dave pulled one pad over to Anchorpoint and we set up the rest on Recreational Vehicle. I kept watching as everyone made attempts at the pumpy line and spent the afternoon snapping pictures.

Geoff on the corner problem.

After seeing one too many butt dabs on the crux move I threw the pad to the side and Geoff and I moved the offending boulder. I'm planning on going up and filling in some holes to make it a bit better soon. Even with that one gone the crux move is way easier to execute and a bit less lowball.

Katie and Dave finished up the line and then out of nowhere Katie decided to try it in her sneakers and pumped off of the last move. Nice.

Katie being rad.

Sofie coming SO CLOSE on the  crux move!!

Dave being Dave.

RV set about trying to repeat it in the absolute hardest possible way solely to tire himself out. Musta been a 6 or 7 the way he was doing it. Funny boy.

RV and his wonky betas.

After that Dave pulled another pad over to Anchorpoint and with a bit of beta sent easily. Fantastic.

Congrats go out to Dobbe who sent Perfect Medium and to Ryan who sent Venus Rising! NICE WORK!! Now you can both go and do other shit at other areas!!!

Also, nice job to sweaty who apparently finally sent Body Karate. Good job. If anyone else sent shit let me know! Weather's been good!


  1. that picture of RV with the glove on is one of the funniest things to ever be on the blog. I lol'd for real. brilliant. Good job to everyone again!

  2. RV with glove +2
    Bottle of Maccallan +5