Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poor Max(ine)

RV left us a few weeks ago now and Katie and I have been saving this one up for a bit now. He made the grave mistake of leaving his shoes and, more importantly, Max in our custody.

Rookie move, Bambi. Rookie move.(I've been watching too much Scrubs lately)

We decided to play nice at first, but then we walked into Target last week and Katie ran over to the dollar section. Ohhh, the dollar section. We do love the dollar section. So many prime choices in such a concentrated area. It's very hard to pass up.

At first I was confused why Katie ran over there so quickly. Even after she grabbed what she was looking at and screamed at me I was still dumbfounded. Then it hit me. It was for Max!!

She found him a Tutu!! We'd only threatened, not expecting to actually find anything! And on top of that, it was a dollar!!!!! We couldn't pass it up.

We turned the corner and lo and behold, we found something even better!!

Yep, for two whole dollars we clothed Maxine with a new hot outfit. Now she's ready to go out on the town!

RV just might kill me this time. I'm sorry...ish.


  1. Death to the infidel!

  2. I gotta say RV, I expected more out of you. You've gotten soft.....along with your one pack!!!!

  3. Mr Schultz,

    You have no clue what I have in store for you.

    Let's just say life shall be a bit more interesting soon, very soon.