Monday, August 17, 2009

The Flatiron, Part Duex

Last week ended on a very low motivation point for both of us and we hadn't really made any climbing plans for Saturday as a result. We got up and made a hasty decision to go up to the Flatiron before we had to drive down to Milwaukee for Katie's Nephews 4th Birthday Party at 3:00.

We got up to the East Bluff and laid the pads out, all the while remarking about how tired our legs were. Could not believe it!!! I felt like my legs were shaking each time I tried it. Kind of crazy.

We swapped attempts for a bit and I started trying out every single type of beta that I could think of in hopes of remembering what I'd done before. After that phase I tried Katie's high foot beta and it just sort of clicked and I went to the top. I was pleased to top it out again and was reminded how enjoyable the problem was. It's not every day that you get to do a Gill problem, let alone one with the historical value that the Flatiron has.

Katie was getting frustrated by not being able to stick the high left hand this time. Neither of us were sure why until she moved her right foot a little bit to the left and it made all the difference in the world. Sadly it was late in our session and we had to leave for the party. She gave it one last go and, just like last time, had the best effort of the day on her last attempt. She made it past the high left hand and accidentally put her right foot on the wrong hold. She couldn't reverse the move to readjust and ended up coming down.

One of Katie's last attempts...and a nice Organic bed of foam.

Coming down she was encouraged that she figured that out and now she should be able to focus on the somewhat scary last move. I have to say, if everyone had to do the last move like she does, it'd be a much less repeated boulder problem. It'll be a very proud effort when it goes.

With that, we went down to the party and had a good time seeing family and friends. I took a bunch of pictures and realized that kids do a lot of stupid stuff when their parents aren't around. Especially when there are enablers like Katie hanging out.

Katie "helping" Matty with the pinata.

Katie and Abby being Rad.

Abby can thank Katie for the Mickey Mouse ears and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dagger.


  1. I def have to get an Organic pad. So cool. Cute kid. ce

  2. Yeah Chris, they're the best on the market without question. No comparison, really. I'm gonna try to have a review up in the next week or two on them. Everything is thought out so well and when you compare them with others they are a very reasonable price.

    Plus, Josh and Liz are great people, so it makes it easy to support them a bit.

  3. I want a TMNT dagger! I'll fight the kid for it!

  4. She may actually win RV. Pretty tough kid and lets face it, you're not a beast by anyones measure.