Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Katie's B-day

It was Katie's Birthday yesterday and we decided to push ourselves. We wanted a challenge to rival anything we'd done before. We went to Noah's Ark and yes, we got very rad.

We crushed the Black Anaconda with ease and downgraded Time Warp. So soft!! We routinely destroyed both the wave pools and thought that the "Big Kahuna" was overrated choss. Go for the original and go for "The Wave". It's much radder.

The French Fries were no match for our hungry bellies and neither was the lemonade. Soft Pretzels tried to put up a fight but we were back in the pool 5 minutes after eating them. Yeah, we're that hardcore.

I don't even want to talk about how badly the Endless Lazy River is hurting right now. It's not so tough. A little chilly? Yeah, but I've seen worse.

After yesterday the Ark is gonna need at least a year to recuperate from our visit. It was shaken and scared when we left. It didn't even know what hit it. Bitch.

The sun, however, did put quite the hurt on my pasty white skin. It's a nice hue of red right now. Very becoming, if I must say so. Thank you, Sun, for without you I might have gotten a full nights sleep. I didn't need those hours of sleep anyway.

Alright now, on to bidness. Nic was supposed to come down from the cities tonight but couldn't for some reason. Punk. Now I'm car-less and want to climb at the lake. Anyone want to go tonight after work? I want to climb real rocks. Don't make me go to the gymnasium.

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  1. I am planning on going out to Beautiful Soup and to the 500 foot talus field today, not sure exactly when perhaps about 4pm for 1-2 hours. Tomorrow will probably be headed out too, a bit earlier like 2pm. I want to see the 45 degree boulder too. Probably all old news to you but I am excited! ce