Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Challenge Part Two

I've refined my challenge a bit. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming together. I'm thinking that I'm just gonna avoid Dodge altogether now and just concentrate on DL. That could change though. I'm hoping to do a 26 problem circuit throughout the lake and then possibly some other challenge after that. RV has said that he's down for making up his own circuit and doing that too since his Birthday is 4 days away from mine.


Here's the list so far.

1 - Burma Warmup - V0
2 - Murder Slab - V2
3 - One other problem at Burma. Not sure which one yet.
4 - Big Bud Arete - V2
5 - Geise Dome - V2
6 - Slope of Dadaism - V3
7 - Shawn's Slab - V0
8 - Bark Biter - V4
9 - Venus Rising - V7
10 - Perfect Medium - V9
11 - The Zipper - V8
12 - The Flatiron - V4
13 - Alpine Club - V9
14 - Beautiful Soup - V8
15 - Anchorpoint - V7
16 - Corner Route - V3
17 - Recreational Vehicle - V4
18 - Trust Fund - V0
19 - Massive Vertigo - V8
20 - Jenga - V7

Now, as you can see, I've got 20 problems up. There are some in limbo right now. Here is the list of those!! Let me know what you think.

1 - Bulbous - V8 - RV and I tried it a bunch in 2007 and I haven't been back since. I got all the moves but one and really need to go back. I feel like I'm in better shape and in general fitter than when I tried it back then. It it goes, it'll probably be on the list. It's only logical.
2 - Greatest Show - V8? - It needs to be cleaned off really well and it might not be the best choice for the circuit. But it'd be cool. I haven't put much work into it right now but it's really one of the better lines at the lake.
3 - Half Dome Project - V? - It looks cool but I need to try it and get a feel for what it's actually like! Hopefully this weekend since I was sick last time. Would be a cool addition.
4 - Axiom of Arete Aesthetics - V7 - This thing hasn't gotten a repeat in I don't know how long. Probably the least traveled hard problem at the lake and I'm not sure why. It's a nice enough looking line but it's tall and blank looking.
5 - Roof Traverse Project - V? - Another problem that will sort of figure itself out this fall. I have no idea what this is gonna be like when it gets cleaned up and we get some chalk on it. Could be brutal, could be doable. Not sure.
6 - So Many Projects!!! There are really so many unknowns right now at the lake. The west bluff is so full of potential that I really have to wait for now to get a full list together. This fall should be big. I'm hoping.

Give me some suggestions!! I'm open. As of right now, this is over my head by a decent amount. I need to start training hard and this gives me a good goal for next year. I'm psyched to do it and curious how it's going to turn out.

I feel good right now. So many good things are coming together in life and I'm a very happy man. As all of us know life is an up and down sort of thing and I always feel pretty happy when I'm on an up swing. It always helps when you're with someone that makes you happy!!

I get to marry Katie in about 2 weeks. I'm feeling pretty damn lucky right about now. Life is very good!

I think this one will confuse everyone except for Katie...


  1. It makes me sad to read this. I am really not going to enjoy taking your new wife away from you, good luck on the challenge.


  2. I've still got a month there bud. Maybe I'll be able to find someone else who can be contracted by a snickers bar...

    when are you coming back through?

  3. I think Katie is balling up a fist to punch the photographer (yeah Steve I know that's you) in the second picture.

  4. Also, a suggestion for the birthday challenge is the Ejaculator and the Anchor point traverse. I'll probably come up with a few more.

    Where the hell is Recreational Vehicle. I want to get on that for obvious reasons!

  5. who wants to go to the lake with me on thursday? I'll be passing thru in the earlyish afternoon and want to try some shit. whos comin with me?

  6. Hah! Recreational Vehicle is the Anchor Traverse! I just renamed it after having a bunch of people tell me I should give it a real name!!

    Sweaty, you picked the week after Katie switched from Thursdays off to Wednesdays off. Poor Planning.

  7. im tired of your excuses sir!

  8. This is great, a To Do list for me that should last around a decade! Thanks for the help with the canoe Steve. ce

  9. Sweaty, right now I have off on Wednesday this week, but I'm trying to switch my day off to Thursday so I can head out with Dobbe and some others. I will let you know what works out.