Monday, April 6, 2009

First Time 'Round

We made our way out to Governor Dodge on Saturday. Both Katie and I had great days and it was nice to get back out there. We started off on Hangman and Highly Executed. We both spent many days on these last fall while we were getting back into shape so we were kind of curious what they'd feel like after a winter full of training.

Things felt good! It was a nice surprise.

It helped that conditions were the best I'd seen in a long, long time. Friction was top and temps were perfect. Katie figured out her beta for Hangman pretty quickly and was getting closer with each attempt. It was fun to watch her re-work through the beta that she had absolutely dialed in last fall. Her confidence and comfort are at a different level than before and it's fun to have watched that change take place. She's much more comfortable making the somewhat awkward throw up to the finish jug on Hangman and got really close with her tips just barely touching the lip.

She didn't quite send that day but will do it very very soon. Mark my words. It will be rad.

While Katie was working Hangman I spent some time throwing myself at Highly Executed. Last Fall I had gotten shut down rather properly on the "meathook match" move. I reworked the feet a little bit and after a bit of work and a number of falls, started to try the move again. To my surprise I did the move first or second go. Figured out the rest of the moves shortly after that and started to link it. True to my agenda for this season, I got to the last move 3 times and fell each time. Oh well. Like always, it'll go next time....right?

With our skin thoroughly thrashed we went over to one of the sharpest problems at Dodge, Split Personality. This was another problem that Katie had used to get back in shape while spending multiple days on it refining her beta. In about 8 goes on saturday she dispatched of it rather quickly. Well done! Progression is always welcome.

We're heading down to So Ill on thursday of this week and I can't wait. Body Karate is going to get a workout and I'm very psyched.

On a totally different note, I used my projects on Saturday and was very, VERY surprised by how well they worked. More to come on that later....

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