Friday, April 10, 2009


We're at Taylors now and climbed a little bit yesterday. Spent some time on Mike's Left and tried to spend some time on Mike's right but we were apparently too far right and not on the problem. Who knew?

We're heading out to the Cave Boulder today and looking forward to it. We walked over to take a look at it yesterday after we were done for the day. It's definitely cool and we're more excited about it than Mike's Boulder. Someone was climbing when we got there. Scott I think. He gave us some good beta on which lines were what and there are a bunch of things we both want to get on.

Should be fun. I hope I don't lose Katie in a pothole.


  1. sick...! ask someone where big boy is.. it is on a cliff just off the road (the road from mikes to the cave) amazing v3.. it is hard to get a scope of the area in just a few days, most of the lines are hard to find.