Monday, April 27, 2009

Stealth Paint

Justin has a pretty good post up on Five Ten's new Stealth Paint. Check it out here.

Katie and I have been excited to try the stuff out so it's nice to get another person's perspective on it. I'm expecting similar results to Justin as I was never good at the arts and crafts as a kid. I owned stick figures like no other....

Katie has a new pair of Scarpa's on their way to replace her old, blown out pair. I think we're both wondering if the Stealth Paint stuff will help out their one major weakness, the big toe knuckle. My pair of Boosters and her pair of Rockettes both blew out in the same spot and I've seen many others have the same exact weakness. Hopefully this stuff will work better than the "rubber glue" that we found at Farm and Fleet.

Rain destroyed all hope of climbing rocks this weekend and we were relegated to the gymnasium. I ate too much for breakfast at Tex Tubbs Taco Palace and proceeded to get a wicked flash pump. Then sat around for a solid three hours watching everyone else climb and complained about being pumped. Good times.

Weather is looking more promising for this weekend. Yay.


  1. I think this will be disastrous. we will try it on your shoes first.

    on the other hand, I have always wanted shoes that resembled a hedgehog. this may be the way.

    ooh. and maybe I can try it on my mauled finger. I will climb so fast!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you may need to re-apply to the big toe knuckle, but i really think that the stealth paint will be clutch for preserving the life of scarpa shoes... the mantras used to be plagued with the same big toe knuckle blow out issues and even the ugly job i did is sufficient for protection...

    thanks for the shout

  3. Interesting. Post up how it works after you guys try it Steve. Yup, rain rain go away, all you're doing is making my lawn grow so I have to mow! Plus weakening holds at the Dodge. Looks like a couple good days coming up! Sending temps! CE

  4. We're definitely trying this on Katie's shoes first. I think she actually outnumbers me now. It's great!

    I'm looking forward to more updates on the subject from you, sock hands. The stuff seems like a great idea and I hope they keep on dialing it in. It'd be great if it came in a big tube, already premixed.

    I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.