Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weather Sucks

So the weather in So Ill looks heinous this weekend. We're looking for other options right now and I need beta for Taylors Falls and Duluth.

Are either of these places good options for a few days of bouldering??

Are they any good??

Which is better and can we get a tour maybe???

Most importantly, what should we get on????



  1. 1) Yes

    2) Yes

    3) Only been to Taylors.

    4) Cave Traverse and other variations of said traverse


  2. I can give you amazing beta for Taylors.

    Sawmill creek dome hold the Midwest's best bouldering... but it is 3-4 hours away from the cities and may not be in season? I am not sure. I have not been to D-lake but I have covered most if not all the "major" bouldering areas.
    1. Sawmill (only problem is not a ton of easy stuff)

    hit me up and I will give you the full rundown.

    Facebook me? or

    2. good bouldering. The cave boulder really makes that place but Mike's left is one of the best (if not THE) V7 IN THE MIDWEST.


  3. I have not had coffee yet.. I know that makes no sense. It is early in Cali.

  4. Thanks, both of you! Even if nic was a little spastic. I'll send you a note but you need to respond after the coffee drinking ensues.

    I'm psyched to try some new problems. Any guides for the area? I found the one PDF with yosemite decimal grades but is there anything else?

    Keep. It. Coming.

  5. ......thought you were going to inquire as to the squirrel situation. need beta before i can commit to this journey.

  6. Oh yes. Katie wants to know what the wildlife situation is up there. Squirrel beta? Bunny beta? We need to know...

  7. sorry to hear that dude! body karate must wait... conveniently enough on the way up to taylors you can make a stop off the highway and finish Choas and really start the trip off right ;-) . Good day at the dodge yesterday. finally finsihed H.E. , flashed A.B.C. and put up something that starts on a.b.c. and goes right called broken dreams that I think is a little harder... video's to be had on youtube and links on M.P. werd. Good luck with the plans dude.