Monday, August 23, 2010

Today Would Be A Great Day For A Swim.....If I Knew How To Swim.

Ahh yes. Here we go. The 200th post. Figured I'd start it with the quote of the day from yesterday. Credit goes to RV for the classic title. We still need to give you your water wings bud.

So back to rock climbing. We tried in vain to go up on Saturday but everything was soaked to the bone and the air was thick!! We drove back to Madison and had a nice little session in the gym. It feels really good to be psyched again!!

Sunday RV and I drove up to try Alpine Club a bit. I'll keep it short and say that in all the time I've spent at Alpine I've always sort of hoped that I could do the move. Sunday was a new mindset for me. I know I can do the move now. I've never felt this close to doing it and the problem felt so doable all of a sudden. On top of that I've never had as much fun up there than I have recently. It's been light and there hasn't been any pressure.

It felt absurdly good pausing on that little edge.

RV made progress too and it'll be interesting to see what happens with the problem this fall.

Once more I can't post pictures for some reason. No pictures for you sadly. My eloquent words will have to suffice.

Honestly I can't really believe that it's been 200 posts. Thanks so much for following along all. It's the only reason I'm still writing here!!


  1. The fall psych is definitely brewing... ce

  2. I'm very excited for this fall. It feels so good....

  3. I'm psyched!!! Got outside yesterday for the first time in 2 months, and damn it felt good!
    Congrats on the 200th Steve, that is awesome.
    Rad trad at the DL tomorrow if anyone is interested.

  4. Ugh this weekend sucked for conditions. Drove up on Friday and got rained on in the afternoon, followed by no climbing the super wet Saturday. When I woke up on Sunday to thick fog I drove back home when I apparently could have climbed later in the day. Oh well. Fall is coming fast!

  5. Well played on reaching #200. This blog is a constant reminder of the life I could be living if, you know, I ever went climbing. And for that I thank you.

    Even if the not climbing continues I will for sure be heading up to spend a day bantering and generally distracting everyone at the boulders some time this Fall. Plan on it.

  6. Glad I'm such an inspiration Narc. If it's any consolation I really wanted to name this post "200th post, 200th punt.", but sadly neither RV or I could climb hard enough to actually punt. A sad sad day.

    You name the day. You're always welcome to join us.

  7. Well Steve, we did punt at punting.

    There is also the general punting at life in general. Although, that's probably just me.

  8. Remo, you've only been out 2 months. When you get to 3 months you'll be in my league. Any of you gents want to come pick me up in murderapolis so I can go climbing again?