Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Yes

I climbed something. It wasn't hard. At all. But it was new and I'm psyched.

Katie, RV, Sofie and I went out Saturday to the Dog Walk/Stache Boulder. As I set to cleaning off the left arete RV and Katie started working out the betas on the right line. Not really knowing where it started they just sort of picked the lowest holds and went from there.

I jumped to the top of the boulder to continue cleaning the carpet of shit that was on top of it. They kept on diligently working out the beta while a ferocious combination of dirt/moss/pine needles/sticks was raining down on them.

Pretty soon I was done up top and after a harrowing uncontrolled skitter down the topout slab I put my boots on to try the right line. I had an ok flash attempt but quickly lost motivation after I got a small hole in my left ring finger. I left it up to Katie and RV.

While they were working on that a bit I started working out the left arete. Aaron and Isobel came up while I was playing around and Aaron joined me soon after. After a few tries I did the left line and named it 'Railroad Spike'. I'm looking at you Nic.

Right after that RV had a punt of all punts on the right arete and greased off of the topout edges. So sad. He tried a number of times through the rest of the day but never was able to finish it up.

RV and Katie working out the Right Arete

Aaron cleaned up the second ascent of Railroad Spike and then quickly dispatched the center line as well. I had been working it without a certain sharp spike of a hold but Aaron "Sally'd" up and used that abomination of a hold to put it in the sack. Definitely a cool little line and more than worth the short hike. I intend on going back to finish up that one without the stupid spike! Nice work Aaron!!!

Aaron on what would become P.Stachio

Katie and RV came over to the left arete and quickly did it using a sloper Aaron and I had skipped over bringing the problem down to about V4. Sofie also repeated it with a bit of a whimper and finished up the day!

RV being creepy.

I can't begin to tell you guys how you need to get out to this boulder. This is a true gem of a boulder for the lake! Three good solid problems on great rock with an absolute perfect landing and a cool little setting. So Good!!!! DL has a distinct lack of problems in the 5/6 range and this fills it in nicely. Go do it. You know you want to.

On a totally different note I had a great time and am getting psyched up for fall. We're starting to see little hints of fall and the forecast is calling for 70's this coming sunday. Really I can only hope. Nic, Josh and I had some interesting discussions about psych while I was out in SLC and I'm personally really hopeful for fall.

I guess only time will tell. As we all know, motivation comes in waves and it may not hit this fall. Last year was kind of amazing. It's fun when it all clicks together like that.


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