Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Suck It

Alright well I was gonna put up some pictures of this past sunday's not so radness but alas, blogger is being difficult.

Instead I'll have to regale you with tales of radness that may or may not happen today around 3. We'll be heading up to the lake for a relaxed day since we've spent the past two in the gym trying to get back in shape. Right now it's looking like Black Sheep for a bit and then over to the Flatiron and Zipper.

We've got the knee pad for black sheep so we'll see what goes down. Who else is getting out?? Chris, did you get out??


  1. Sick bro. It's going to be sweet. You should go to the secret area and hike a bunch of the double digit projects too. I have SUPER SWEET AWESOME beta that'll make shit V2. It's going to be rad. Make sure to pack extra underwear though. I mean I am getting a boner just thinking about how sick it's going to be, and you know don't want to climb with jizz in the pants.

  2. LOL RV. If there were a line that would have crossed it... Yeah Matt and I went to East bluff on Tuesday. I had been on Acid Rock a year and a half before (with Travis yelling beta at me for a flash attempt) and it was gnawing at me that I didn't send it then. So went back to do that and also did a few 11's.

    Good to see you yesterday as well, albeit briefly. Zipper go down? ce

  3. Zipper did not go down. The move left off of the decent crimp is spooky. Need to try it when I'm not three days on!

  4. Or 85f with 70% humidity! Let me know when you go try it again. ce

  5. How the hell was black sheep?