Monday, August 16, 2010

Jenga/Seam Project

Katie and I had a fun but tiring weekend as her younger sister got married on Saturday. Lots of good moments all weekend long but few topped the German drum line gracing our presence outside the chapel after the ceremony. So good.

We did make it to Adventure Rock a couple of times and enjoyed the luxury of A/C. Hot damn it was nice in there. We felt so spoiled.

Sunday afternoon though we finally made it up to the lake for a session. We met RV and Sofie up at the dog walk/stache boulder and set to it. Both Katie and I were pretty apathetic and tired but RV was rather motivated to finish up Moo Stache from the low start. After a bit of figuring out he did just that and finished up the low start with relative ease.

We packed up and trudged up the hill to Jenga so the ladies could play around on it. Aside from it being a super low motivation day Katie climbed strong and ended up doing each of the moves in isolation but had little to no energy for a full attempt. Sofie also had some good efforts and by the end of it started to figure out the funky first couple of moves.

Katie eventually realized that yesterday was just not her day and we all packed up and walked down to the seam project. RV almost stepped in human poop on the way down and I threw my bag down super slab to see what a fall would be like from the top of it. News flash, it doesn't look like fun so don't fall.

We figured out the pads once more and gave the project some burns. Ultimately we came away empty handed but it was fun to watch RV get sucked into the move. It's such a deceiving little bastard. You walk up to it and it seems so easy. Looks so simple. Just grab the lip and you're done. As soon as you get on the wall though you feel just how overhung the wall is and just how shitty the feet are. Then you throw to the lip and feel just how mediocre the sloper is.

Yet in the end you look at the problem and think to yourself "This looks easy...Next go for sure".

All that said, RV and I ended up in much the same position I was in a few months back. Stumped at how such a simple looking move can feel so hard. Oh well. We've got all fall, right?

The weather has turned a little for the moment and if feels a bit like last summer so take advantage of it!!! RV and I took a bunch of pics on his camera and I'll try and post those up as soon as I get them. Starting to see things even out a bit around here and we're getting excited for the fall season.


  1. Mr. Robinson get yer ass in gear and get the photos on here.

    Who would poop in the talus? Sweaty?

    Today climbing after work anyone? ce

  2. of course I would. it's wonderful. find a nice down sloping rock to rest your back on... its like pooping in a lazy boy chair.




  4. LOL.

    Paul D apparently just became the 6th (?) ascent of Alpine Club. Congrats dude.


  5. I guess I meant 8th ascent. ce

  6. Thats awesome. I knew he was psyched on it and close. that thing is getting lapped this year apparently. I think he's the 7th person to do it but not sure. As for the numbered ascent.....suppose it all depends if you want to count the 5 or so laps that nic put into it last fall....hah.

  7. Bump method with what sounds like very specific foot placements. Very cool. ce