Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Are YOU Doing With Fall??

Well, out with it! With fall finally hitting us here in Wisco it's time to sack up and finish up all the projects you've been working on during the summer.

Seemingly overnight it's gone from 85 and 100% humidity to 55 and crisp. It's even supposed to get down to 34 degrees tonight! My allergies will be nice and happy if we get a good frost!

Just last week Katie and I went up to the Squeeze Project and I got supremely close in the 100% humidity I talked about above. It had just rained and was so sticky it felt like July. I barely missed sticking the crux move when my heel blew off at the last second. I was pretty pumped since it was only my second day on it so far. I'm hoping for a send tomorrow in the cool, dry conditions we're supposed to have. 60 and sunny. LOVE IT!!

We've been lucky this year, to say the least. One of the only days that it really felt like summer at the lake was this past Wednesday!

I've been thinking lately about all of the undone projects in the West Bluff and I can't really believe it. We have it SO good! I can think of up to 10 different projects just waiting up there. Some may go, some may not. Either way, it's nice to have them there for us to play with!

I've put together a little list of what I'd like to do this fall and I'm curious what you guys are all working on!! So post up here and lets take advantage of the weather!!

- Squeeze Project
- Beautiful Soup
- Massive Vertigo
- The Zipper
- Roof Traverse Project
- Axiom of Arete Aesthetics
- Greatest Show On Earth
- Sandstone Violence
- Half Dome Project
- Alpine Club

Wow. Thats a lot more intimidating when I write it down.


  1. how bout some stuff in mn...

  2. Christ, I forgot Minnie...

    - Cave Traverse
    - Oxygen Cocktail
    - My Friend is a Republican

    And maybe some stuff at Sawmill too....Thanks for the reminder Peter! And for checking in!!

  3. Off to Yosemite on Friday for 10 days (And maybe Bishop), haven't had much time on proper rock since moving out here in June.

    -Flatline (!)
    -Torque (!)
    -No Holds Bard
    -Fly Boy
    -King Cobra
    -Checkerboard (!)
    -The Diamond
    -work on The Force, Evilution to the Lip, Thriller (no anticipation on these would love to work the moves though)

    that's a good start. i won't include crack climbs, those are just training for the real deal (boulders)

  4. Let's see, I am going to do:

    Purple in the corner along with the green next to it.

    Red on the left wall.

    White on the front wall.

    Yeah, that's right, I am going to be climbing plastic till January. It's gonna be sicky rad bro.

  5. um..

    My friend is cool but not worth the drive.. Sandstone has much better problems.

    I am going to do.

    -The Shield (lrc)
    -Vapor Lock (Dayton)
    -Squeeze Project
    -Key Maker
    -Re- Exodus (saw)
    -Seamstress (Saw)
    -The Prow (so dak)
    -Homestar runner (Sodak)
    -the sit to Fuckyo (hound ears)
    -The 30 Degree wall sit... (top priority)
    -Half dome a.k.a. I got your wife.

    that is a brief list, but covers the majors. I will be in WI on the 13th I will be climbing all day the 13th.. Hopefully I can kill some of these off.


  6. jp.

    if you go to Bishop hit up way lake, dat place is small but full value.


  7. I can't wait until you send and name that thing 'I got your wife'. Awesome.
    I'll try to make it up for that.

  8. Well get up here and we'll get the send train a rollin'!

  9. Sounds to me like RV has the most impressive tick list so far.

    Also, I did work yesterday and ticked something off my list...what did you guys do??

    Dats right. It's fall.

  10. This weekend's ticklist (wishlist):
    Ring of Fire
    Illinois Biggest sloper (low start)
    Screaming Eagle
    Body Karate
    David & Goliath
    The Oriole
    Eternal Sunshine
    Renegade Apprentice
    Juicy Fruit Sit
    Matt's sloper problem
    Space Invaders
    THC (Sit)
    Zig Zag

    A lofty list to be sure but I would be happy to just get a handful of these. Real psyched actually. Then I should be up to the lake at some point. Maybe next week...

    P.S. Steve are you going to go finish Chaos this fall or what? If I'm not mistaken it still needs a second ascent.


  11. I'd like to get out 6 more times before the snow flies. ce

  12. Vapor Lock, Done
    Crusher, Done


  13. Alright. I'll follow nic's report with my own though not as difficult. lol. Amazing weather and we spent the day Sat. at 'The Roost' and today went to Jackson Falls where I did one climb and took off because the Fiance wasnt feeling swell and neigher were my shoulders or elbows. yuck.
    Here's what the weekend looked like.
    Ring of Fire (Got dark before we could check it out)
    Illinois Biggest sloper (low start)(also called 'The Gobbler' I flashed the stand and felt close on the low start. sacrificed a lot of skin but no luck. the crimp is small, and i can't crimp.
    Screaming Eagle (flashed)
    Body Karate (didnt try this trip. i cant wait to get on this thing again though.)
    Footweiser (didnt try)
    David & Goliath (didnt try)
    Wolverine (whole block was kind of moist)
    The Oriole (Flashed)
    Eternal Sunshine (as the sun was going down had some tries on it. unfortunately i was low on skin and stregnth and couldnt manage the hard move out to the right side after these awesome roof pinches. really excellent climb)
    Renegade Apprentice (didnt get to try)
    Juicy Fruit Sit (wet block)
    Matt's sloper problem (was tired didnt do)
    Space Invaders (flashed)
    THC (Sit) (wet as always)
    Zig Zag (didnt get to try though looks very do-able)
    Titleist (didnt try it)
    Also did:
    Jason and Jeromy's
    I also felt close on 'Chuck Norris' which is the sit to 'The Oriole'

    I can't wait to get down there again soon. It was such a wierd thing that has never happend to me before. All the things on my list that I wanted to do I managed to flash. I never flash shit. Really a nice surprise.

  14. Nice sweaty! Sorry I missed it! ce

  15. Well done sweaty!! And yes, I need to go back for the second ascent of Chaos. I didn't want to crimp those edges in the summer. It should go quickly this time.

    Chris, when are you back?? How was Yos??

  16. Hey Steve-- yeah out in Denver right now at Steve Dew's now (SteveZ), climbed at Boulder Canyon today, perfect!!! But snow tomorrow, oh well, win some lose some. Yosemite was perfect, not much climbing with the fam but very cool to chalk up at Midnight Lightning (no send, predictably). Back in WI this next weekend and be looking to send. Got my fingers crossed for you for the upcoming days. I agree the weather people suck and it WILL be good! ce

  17. just so I stay up to date.

    -Vapor Lock (Dayton)
    -Squeeze Project
    -Key Maker
    -the sit to Fuckyo (hound ears)

    -The 30 Degree wall sit... (top priority)


    -Re- Exodus (saw)
    -Seamstress (Saw)
    -The Prow (so dak)
    -Homestar runner (Sod


    -Half dome a.k.a. I got your wife.