Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There Once Was A Book

Katie has this book. She likes to sit on it when she drives the Fit so she can see over the steering wheel. I laugh, she does not, but everyone can see the humor in it, right?  

Sadly, the book is not so comfy and Katie's bum has a tendency to fall asleep due to the hardcover format.

Here is the book:

Then, there were these pads. They were oh so rad and one of them had a lightening bolt on it.

Here are the pads:

Then, in a galaxy far far away, a man named Josh Helke stepped the hell up to the plate and agreed to fix the problem once and for all.

Hence, the "Fit Pad":

The new Fit Pad is a half inch bigger than the book in every dimension. Plus it's made out of the best foam on earth(like snapple, just with pads).

Here is the Fit Pad and the book, side by side:

And here's a picture of the whole family:

Katie's bum is now much happier since it gets to stay awake and stuff during the driving. Everyone is happy and life can go on!

Thank you Josh! Katie's first wedding gift was a big hit!!

On a separate note, I gots me some new kicks yesterday in the mail:

The Five Ten "Team 5.10's"

As of right now they are rivaling the original V10's as my favorite shoe of all time and actually have improved upon that, at first glance. Easily the best fitting shoe out of the box that I've put on. I've climbed in them once in the gym and am really excited to try them out some more.

Very impressed.


  1. How do the new Team shoes size vs other 5.10 shoes like the the Jet7?