Monday, September 21, 2009

So Much to Digest

Wow. What a week and a half it's been!!

I'll start with the wedding cause I don't know where else to begin!

In short it was amazing and I've never been this happy. Ever! It did not go without some excitement though!

The morning was going smoothly and I was pretty relaxed. Katie called me up and said that they had gotten the reception set up and that everything seemed to be coming together. I picked up the flowers and RV and I went to have lunch with Sofie.

There we were, sitting at BD's Mongolian Grill having a fine time and I got the text. "Do we have any QuikClot at the house?". I wrote back that we didn't and then promptly wondered why she needed military grade blood clotter. I found out later that she'd tried, in a feeble attempt to get yet another excuse in her repertoire, to cut off her left ring fingertip.

Yes, you read that correct. On her WEDDING DAY she almost, accidentally, cut off her LEFT RING FINGERTIP. You know, the one the ring goes on.

Luck is not Katie's strongest ally.

Everyone pitched in and she eventually stopped the bleeding enough to get a clear band aid on it for the ceremony. The ceremony itself was amazing and perfect. It's a feeling I'll never forget. Amazing.

That's all for now but I'll have many more posts this week! So much to write about!!!


  1. i was starting to think that you died dude. lol. that better not be her excuse not to come down to so ill in 2 weeks! week.

  2. Hah! Nope, just took a quick break to relax!

  3. That's a nasty looking flapper! ce